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Problems Plaguing Innovators in the Flexible Workforce

After viewing Lyft, Uber, and SidecarLinks to an external site. and the EatWithLinks to an external site. video segments, you will include the following for this written exercise:

Predict two problems that will continue to plague innovators in the flexible workforce.

Be sure to use at least two sources in addition to the text to support your position. Please cite your sources according to APA StyleLinks to an external site..

Discuss at least two trends that are changing the nature of work with these types of organizations.

Analyze two compensation and benefits strategies that differ for a flexible workforce compared to a traditional employee.

Hi everyone!

Two problems plaguing innovators in the flexible workforce are that there would be new working models and a need for more communication. If someone is remote and a new model of finishing a project is being implemented, it could be harder to show an employee who is more of a hands-on learner how to work this new model. This is why communication is essential for a flexible workforce. Another issue is that some people would come into the office a few days a week, and some employees may never go into the office. This would cause managers to cater to different groups, stretching them manager thin. “Being in the office will be a very different experience, says Keogh, and people will have different needs, whether homeschooling kids, looking after sick relatives, or even navigating their mental health issues. It may be coming in two days a week. You often have a core of ‘anchor’ people in the office because they need to be. Some people may never come into the office (The F

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