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Self-Management Skills: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Time Management

1. 300 words speaking notes. NO PPT

2. At least 4 refes, APA

3. I can dance and you can write time management. And i started learn dance from 4 years old to high school graduation.

4. You can choose two theory from chapter 4 of textbook.

You can choose time management under self-management. It is up to you.

5. Plz check sample.


Part A: Presentation

A great opportunity can be wasted if a person does not have self-management skills and apply them effectively. Having understood the key elements that makeup self-management, I am confident that I have two self-management skills. These are emotional intelligence (EQ) and time management. Lam and Kirby (2002) argue that emotional intelligence is attributed to elevated individual cognitive development above general intelligence. On the other hand, the Harvard Business Review describes time management as one of the most desirable skills in the workplace but one rare to find (Dierdorff, 2020). I will explore my personal experiences and the development of these two self-management skills.

When I was 4 years old, I have always wanted to learn to dance. I admired the dancers on Television so much but learning to dance challenging because of the daily programs I had including school. When my parents saw how much I wanted to dance by my practices by the television, they scheduled a dancing class for me. It was thirty minutes and took

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