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Rethinking Work by Barry Schwartz

I hope this helps who ever needs it, and I'm sorry if it's not the best but it helps alot. Thank you and enjoy.

1. The title and Author – Rethinking Work by Barry Schwartz

2. The purpose of this article is to many employees work at a job they do not want to work at.

Employees want to be more involved and have more challenging work that gives

employees the chance to learn new things and grow. Employees want to feel like they are

important and like they have a deeper purpose.

3. The evidence that led me to this decision is in main paragraph in this article it says,

“HOW satisfied are we with our jobs? Gallup regularly polls workers around the world to

find out.” Gallup survey last year found that nine out of 10 workers spend their lives

working in environments they do not want to work. For example: (in Schwartz, 2015)

Yale organization behavior professor Amy Wrzesniewski and colleagues studied

custodians in a major academic hospital. Though the custodians' official job duties never

even mentioned other human beings, many of them viewed their work as including doing

whatever they could to comfort patients and their families and to assist the profes

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