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Types of Child Maltreatment and the Consequences


In your own words, list and define the four types of child maltreatment?

a. Neglect – parents/caregivers fail to meet a child’s physical, emotional, and social needs, because of the lack of attention they are giving to the child or complete exclusion.

b. Physical Abuse - parents, older siblings, extended family members, any others who inflict injuries on a child.

c. Sexual Abuse/Exploitation - the involvement of children in sexual activity orchestrated by the offender who manipulates the vulnerable (children).

d. Emotional Abuse/Exposure to intimate partner violence – Because you cannot technically “see” the issue as opposed to physical abuse. Because of this, emotional abuse is harder to detect and lasts much longer than a healing mark on a body. Though it would be difficult witnessing emotional abuse, adults still have opportunities to observe the behaviors and reactions that stem from their experiences. (Noticing triggers for child).

The consequences of being abused can be long term and have far reaching for children. Describe one behavioral consequence noted in the text.

Abusive head trauma (AHT) is a form of nonaccidental head injury with or without impact, occurs when an infant or young child is shaken violently, usually by a parent or caregiver. The term “abusive head trauma” is replacing “shaken baby syndrome” because it accurately describes the serious injuries that are inflicted on a child’s brain and eyes.

The rotational force cuts off blood vessels around the brain and leads to internal bleeding, sometimes resulting in swelling of the

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