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Court Injustices in the Movie Just Mercy


Just an analysis of the just mercy film.

The film is based on the true story of Bryan Stevenson, a lawyer who fought to overturn the wrongful convictions of death row inmates. How does the film portray Stevenson's journey? What challenges does he face? How does he overcome them?



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Just Mercy Movie

Generally, there is an underrepresentation of minority groups and poor background individuals in the criminal justice system. Many people have fallen victims to injustice in various criminal justice contexts. Court injustices are well represented in the Just Mercy film. It is a 2019 legal drama movie that features Bryan Stevenson, a lawyer who fights for poor individuals who cannot afford a proper legal representation in Alabama. In the film, a young man by the name of Walter McMillan is wrongly accused of murder. The man is accused of murdering an 18-year-old girl in which he is sentenced to death despite constantly proving his innocence (Eji). When Stevenson takes over the case as a legal counsel, he is set free of the accusation. This paper provides an analysis of the movie and offers personal opinions.

After watching the movie, I have realized that Just Mercy film has thoroughly depicted the activities that occur during a trial in courtrooms. It shows that in most cases, the verdicts passed in these courts do not serve justice at all, especially if aspects of racism are brought in during trials. Additionally, this movie shows that the penalty system only treats well victims who are rich and guilty than the innocent but poor. From the film,

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