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Why is Family Considered the Most Important Agent of Socialisation

paper to be used as reference in topics about how family plays a role in the socialization of children. the paper is focused on the extent the family plays in socialization

Why is family considered the most important agent of socialisation

The socialization is defined as “The social processes through which children develop an awareness of societal norms and values and achieve a distinct sense of self” (Giddens 8).By the definition by Giddens it shows that socialization is a gradual process which start from birth in which a child begins to learn about the ways of life. Sociologists define it as the process through which one inherits cultural beliefs and ideologies of his society. It involves learning of the crucial processes in the society (Mitchell 199)thus making it an important agent of socialisation.

There are different socialization agents which include religion,peers,work,school and mass media. Family is considered an important agent because it is the initial social interaction for a child. A child learns a lot from the family unit that includes language , morals and behaviour. The family provides everyone with a basic sense of identity,beliefs and also provides a child or baby with social class , race,ethnic group and geographical location. All these factors will determine how the child interacts with the world around them.


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