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Roles of the CFO, Controller, and Treasurer

The information gathered during a job analysis process is valuable to decide job design, write job descriptions, determine job qualifications, and identify job worth (how much the job contributes to the organization). All of the other HRM functions—for example, recruitment and selection, training and development, wage and salary administration, and performance management—should begin with accurate, up-to-date information gained from studying a job.

Question 1: In your small business you have a finance department with a CFO, controller, and treasurer. For the following scenarios, explain which of these three financial executives would be the most likely to work on the issue based on the descriptions of the roles of the CFO, controller, and treasurer from Brealey, et al. (2009) from the required reading.

You suspect that a lower-level employee has embezzled around $50,000 over the last three years and you want to try to find out who based on past financial records. Who would be most likely person to look into this issue – the CFO, the treasurer, or the controller? Why?


The Controller is the one that will work for the issue. They are mostly in charge of overseeing the completion of internal investigations while keeping an eye out for possible mistakes and frauds. The controller's responsibilities include not only budgeting, a payroll, and financial reporting preparation, but also auditing the books and investigating the situation to identify flaws.

Your chief marketing officer wants to take out a large loan to finance a major advertising campaign that he claims will bring in large sums of new profits over the next few years. However, your chief operating officer wants to take out a large loan to purchase some new equipment and machinery that she claims will save your company a lot of money over the next few years. You would like to see some estimates about which of the two projects will be most likely to increase profits enough to be able to pay back the loan. Who would be most likely person to look into this issue – the CFO, the treasurer, or the controller? Why?


The treasurer has been the appropriate person to take into account this issue since he is in charge of cash management, investing, and determining the future of the company through its investment operations. He would thoroughly analyze the advantages from both sides, and the one that offers the most benefits w

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