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Recommendations for Services and Parents of Students Eligible for CSE

Write an essay that highlights your understanding of culture and the process of social transmission within a society. Please provide two or three examples of cultural transmission within a society in your essay.

Recommendations for services and parents

Based on the results of DAYC-2, the child is eligible for CSE as she is older than five years of age.CSE enrolls those students who require special education and are older than five years.

Recommendations for services.

The child should be given a fair chance to perform her actions and activities and encouraged to do so. She should be helped to learn new skills and ways of doing small tasks by the school, particularly the teacher. Therefore, the teacher should organize a little game or any other activity where the teacher can assign a particular task or ask the child to accomplish it by herself. For example, the teacher can ask all the children in the class to perform a dance activity daily, and the one who performs better would be given chocolate. By doing this, the adoptive domain of the child can be improved.

.The best a teacher can do to enhance the cognitive spirit is by giving different tasks to accomplish or puzzles to solve by herself. For that, the best way is to make groups in the class of 3 to 4 people. Then give them different tasks to complete by a specific time. The tasks can be related to the educational part, but more suitable would be funny or game related. It would give the child A fair chance to use her mind more uniquely and esthetically. This activity could be carried out daily or weekly as per the circumstances.

The focus should be more on engaging the child in physical activities involving running, walking, crawling, and sprinting, which would expand the gross and fine. A feasible environment is compulsory to get the child's attention to get involved in those activities where she can feel at home and h

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