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Web Celebrity: Kylie Jenner


2.Anthony Caro

Anthony Caro is a British abstract sculptor whose work is characterised by the use of 'off-the-shelf' industrial objects in combination with metal. In the early 1960s he began working with colourful abstract steel structures placed directly on the floor. (Spence , 2015) In addition to steel, he also produced works in bronze, lead, silver, stoneware and wood, as well as on paper. (Galerie Max Hetzler, 2013) Caro redefines what sculpture is and what it could be. His painted steel abstract structures subverted the traditional concepts of material, method, surface, scale and space.

Why does everyone want to be a web celebrity like Kylie Jenner?

"Web celebrity" refers to a person who becomes famous for an event or action in real life or online life, or builds a reputation for knowledge and expertise on a particular topic. They regularly post about the topic on their favorite social media sites and attract a large following of passionate, dedicated followers. Because they have enhanced their own characteristics under the influence of the Internet, they fit with netizens' aesthetic taste, entertainment, stimulation, voyeurism, and audience psychology, and have been pursued by the Internet world intentionally or unintentionally then become "Internet celebrities".

Kylie Jenner is a typical example of web celebrity that I want to look at this time. She appeared on the reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She was the face of Seventeen magazine and appeared on OK! and Teen Vogue. In 2012, she teamed up with clothing brand PacSun to create an outfit with her sister Kendall. Kylie Jenner is the third highest-paid celebrity in the world, according to Forbes magazine on July 17, 2018. Kylie is ranked no. 2057 on the Forbes global billionaires list 2019 and no. 2 on the Forbes celebrity 100 list 2019. Despite her youth, Kylie is already a real boss, with her own brand, Kylie Cosmetic, a retail success story. This year, Kylie Cosmetic has a net worth of $900 million. But this beauty empire is only rising because Kylie sells lipstick online. In 2014, Kylie publicly admitted on social media that she had her lips filled, along with a sad story. It is said that Kylie became obsessed with make-up and devoted herself to becoming a girl with thick lips because "being rejected by her first love is not good for kissing lips". I never expected that Kylie's honest journey was ridiculed by netizens. Kylie's thick lips became people's laughter after dinner, but they also be

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