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Stare Decisis

Fazio should show Speedy Delivery his hospital bills to recover any damages. Fazio also needs proof that the fire caused the wall to collapse and that he did what he could to prevent injuries to himself. My defense would be to have an inspection done on the fire damage to ensure that the wall was secured properly when in installed. I’d also like to know at what position was the bystander. Was Fazio walking past the construction site or was he a bystander watching the fire burn from a block away

Stare decisis is a Latin word that means “ to stand by what has been decided”. “horizontal stare decisis” will follow its own earlier decisions. Vertical stare decisions obligate lower courts to adhere strictly to rulings made by higher courts within the same jurisdiction. The doctrine is deciding a new case with reference to previous decisions. For example, if a previous court ruled on the same or similar case the court will make their ruling in alignment with that previous court decision. The doctrine is a practice of the U.S judicial system. It helps the court be more efficient and helps aide with how the court expects results based on similar cases in the past. Meaning that is a court decides on a case then the lower court in the same jurisdiction follows the same ruling while making decisions. The English Legal scholar William Blackstone described the English common law precedent doctrine as establishing a presumption that judges would follow prior precedents, where the same issues arise in litigation, to promote legal stability, unless such precedents were absurd or unjust, in 1765.The doctrine can be overruled or overturned if the precedent is incorrect or a change in society or technology rendered it inapplicable. Reading article on the Washington Legal Foundatio

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