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The Old South

just copy and paste :) the essay got an 85 percent when graded so it won't be to apparent that it's copied and pasted.


The Old South sounds like a place or a time but to most, is an idea. Everyone has a different thought about what the Old South refers to. Michael Twitty goes into great detail about his idea of what the Old South is to him in his book The Cooking Gene. My idea of the Old South is different from Twitty’s. I believe that the Old South is best described by history and the people who live in it. The South can be described by many things but in the end, all the ideas intersect to create the idea of the old south.

Everybody has their idea of what the Old South refers to. The place Michael Twitty refers to as Old South is the southern states that used to hold slaves. To Twitty, the Old South is not just a place but also a time period. Most people believe that the Old South ends at the conclusion of the Civil War and the abolishment of Slavery. Twitty believes the Old South continued after slavery was disbanded. The time frame that Twitty refers to as the Old South is the early 1800s till around the 1920s. Twitty describes the Old South mainly by the food and the feeling of around the late 1800s. Twitty acknowledges all the negative parts of the Old South and says “And Yet I loved the Old South, and loved it fiercely in all her funkiness and dread.”(Xii). Twitty is fully aware of the history his family has with the Old South and still loves it. Twitty has a love for the Old South tha

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