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Individual Reflection of Mentoring and Coaching Experiences

mentorship and career,, management, strategic management..................................................

Individual Reflection of Mentoring and Coaching Experiences

Table of Contents

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Reflective PAGEREF _Toc74509410 \h 3

Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc74509411 \h 7

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The present study is about reflecting experiences of coaching and mentoring, it is based on reflecting about how theoretical knowledge that has helped me in practical situations. The study also sheds light on the learning gained from the experiences alongside discussing what skills have been developed through pursuing week courses.


Reflection regarding the mentoring experiences

Mentoring is considered as a positive development partnership i.e. largely driven by mentee, it helps in providing a reflective space wherein the mentee is in charge and has the discussion of their development, with the main purpose to establish capability as well as self reliance (Passmore, Peterson & Freire, 2013). From the course, I realized that mentoring is the most efficient aspect in terms of people, leadership and competency development. From the course, I have been able to know underlying meaning of mentoring, its implementation, roles, objectives and benefits; this has been supported by several in class activities, videos and tasks. I can state that the experience was positive, everything went well I learned about different styles and techniques in terms of mentoring, I discovered that mentoring can help mentees in various ways. These comprise of gaining advice, eases problem discussion, allow intellectual stimulation and having help in terms of long term career planning (Grima, et al. 2014). I went through various in-class activities such as we made a group of 5 team members wherein we made a list of top ten reasons regarding why there is failure of mentoring program in organization. This has helped me in getting aware of the fact that there is a need to apply and adopt eight core standards namely; design implementation, matching, training, program management, program evaluation, quality control and mentoring program manager roles and responsibilities.

Moreover, my experiences got even better when I got to learn about the mentoring cycle. It consists of 6 stages and these are establishing rapport, contracting, direction setting, progress making, maturation and closure (Ghosh, 2018). As I took the role of mentor in all activities, from the course I acknowledge about the strategies that I can apply in order to drive successful mentorship and these are inclusive of initiating contact with mentees, knowing each other, considering development goals, defining expected outcomes, discussing about individual assumptions as well as limitations. As we worked as a team in group activities, my role as a mentor was to gain a broader perspective of each and every team member, understanding the project goals, allowing members to track performance and offer feedbacks regularly and motivating them. This experience was commendable I got the opportunity to handle a team, take responsibility of allocation of tasks, measure progress and motivate team members to give their best; I was able to develop the critical skills of active listening, trust building, instructing or developing capabilities and offering corrective feedback. I can reflect that these skills will help me in several facets of my life, along with helping me in my future career development and growth as I would be able to develop relationship with my team members, consider time management by taking into account aspects such as schedules, agendas and timelines, communicate goals and objectives, set performance criteria and take care of deadlines.

We also worked as group of five and worked on considering those aspects that can be used by a firm in order to match mentors as well as mentees within a mentoring program, I acted as a spokesperson in the group, herein I ensured that the information collected by the group is timely and relevant , we as a group acknowledged that both mentees as well as mentors are required to participate in the career development program at a higher level, also the mentees must selected by considering their high potential, and the mentors are required to retain an advancement mindset for the firm and are required to buy-in the program and are needed to make investment in their mentees largely. These activities have also allowed me to know the importance of constructive feedbacks; I also get aware of the worth of ethics at workplace, the course helped me in practicing ethics by respecting confidentiality as well as personal information of others and not sharing the same without their consent.

Reflection regarding the coaching experiences

In the week 9 and 10, I learned about the Grow model of coaching, and retained understanding about the core competencies that are needed to coach in an effective manner. Grow model has four steps first

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