How to Make a Visual Essay

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Visual Essay

What is a visual essay?

A visual essay is a subsequent elaboration of images or photographs that are either taken initially or created and are of significant illustration. Therefore, the photos give a critical commentary regarding a topic as well as providing kind of explanation or argument as well as discussion. In other occasions, visual essays contain texts that are integral to the images or placed at the beginning or the end of scene or setting.

What to consider before making a visual essay

A student should consider the following:

  • Interest: students should ensure that a visual essay is of personal importance that gives power in the presentation instead of a mere essay.
  • Emotional impacts: it is essential to note the reason for using a powerful image. The idea usually evokes the emotions of the audience rather than just using images that are flat.
  • Audience: visual essays are usually crucial to the audience hence the author should share it with the large audience such as the internet. For example, a written essay on street life and suffering might not carry weight unless it is visually presented using pictures showing the lives and struggles on the street.
  • Mode of presentation: the student should think of the best mode of presentation that will capture the attention of the audience. For example, a student may opt to use a video, picture, graphical images, PowerPoint presentation or podcast among others.

How to choose a theme

Themes are essential parts of visual essays. Furthermore, interesting topics usually dictate the feelings of the audiences and evoke their emotions. Therefore, the student should research to find the best theme for presentation. To choose a theme, the essay writer should know what the visual essay reveals. Thus, he or she should consider history, personal story, and explanation of literature or argument about a claim.

How to start: Tips on how to start

  • Choose a theme.
  • Find an image, pictures or movies.
  • You can choose graphs, bars or charts to elaborate the story.
  • Visual essays usually have unique formats. However, a writer needs to explain or argue about a subject. Choose a theme or a topic and decide on the kind of essay to present. For example, the student should demonstrate the visual essay in case of a description of paint or picture and refrain from the argument.
  • Analyse and evaluate a visual essay especially portion of a song or a movie.
  • Argue to clarify a point to convince the audience to think of the new idea. For example, argue on fact questions, definitions, cause, policy or value.

How to proceed with a visual essay: Tips on creating a visual essay

  • Brainstorm about the topic and theme.
  • Plan and research the topic.
  • Collect all the videos, images and pictures or make your videos and pictures.
  • Choose the layout of the images and the pages for the images.
  • Use the iMove to put the visual essay together.
  • Use music or captions, quotes (prologue, the setting of scene or epilogue, reflection or codicil) and voice to enrich the essay.

How to finish a visual essay

Reiterate on the thesis statement or theme and complete with a sentence reveal the objective of the essay. Revise the video, podcast, movie or pictures and correct their layout if there are errors. Furthermore, make the introductory elements and the thesis statement of the visual essay vivid to the audience. Then, upload the visual essay on YouTube or present the essay on Podcast or PowerPoint presentation in class.

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