How to Write an Analogy Essay

Writing Your Analogy Essay

Perhaps you find it difficult to show how two ideas are parallel. However, here is the best method. Use analogy essay to compare the two unlike ideas to demonstrate a common element for both.

What are the main features of analogy essay?

The main feature an analogy essay is that it does not have a logical prove anything. Instead, it uses creative skills in writing with no factual arguments. Secondly, the article has an informal or humorous technique of explaining an idea. Therefore, it does not use comparisons and contrasts or cause and effect methods of analysis. On a spate note, the paper is simple and does not use a vocabulary to explain other aspect or ideas. Elsewhere, analogy essay has two parts that include the explainer on one side and the explained on the other hand.

How to start writing

When starting an analogy essay, writers should come up with an analogy. The first part should be the explanation subject while the other half should be the explainer. Secondly, the student should draw a vertical line in the middle of the blank paper and note the characteristics of the explainer. Consequently, the student should elaborate on the explained then match the components. Afterwards, the author should discuss the explainer in one paragraph and then write another paragraph elaborating on the explained. The student should then discuss their differences and review the word choices, especially for denotation and connotation.

How to develop an outline

The general analogy essay has a title, an introduction, differences, resemblance and a conclusion. The title identifies two subjects, their relationships especially analogous and resemble as well as the analogy of the student. The title usually takes the format of a simile. For example, “Drug Addiction Is like a Life in Jail.”

The second part is the introduction. Here, the student brings the first subject especially the issue in question, its status and recent events on the issue. The student then ends the introduction with an analogy statement. For example, drug addiction is like life in jail due to its impacts on family, friends and the community.

Part three of analogy essay is the differences where a student elaborates minor differences by noting the comparison to the resemblances. The student then elaborates on the significant differences to build the ethos after that forties the rhetorical vulnerability.

The fourth part is the resemblance between the explainer, and the explained to illustrate the argument. The student describes the similarity on separate paragraphs in emphatic order with the most informative resemblance coming at the last paragraph. While writing this section, the student should use transitions to the thesis such as A is like B in terms of…, use transition to the differences such as despite the importance of resemblance.

Lastly, the writer should use a transition from the differences to the resemblance such as more critical, noteworthy, significant, considerable. The last part is the conclusion that repeats the analogy statement, resemblance and provides the next cause of action.

How to write a thesis statement for an analogy essay

The thesis statement of analogy essay is the analogy statement. The statement should contain the subject of the essay, the purpose and the focus and subdivision of the topic in a transparent way. Thus, informs the reader on the comparison of the explainer in the form of resemblance to the explained regarding different reasons. For example, drug addiction is like life in jail due to its impacts on family, friends and the community.

How to write an introduction

The introduction brings out the first subject or issue and its status in resemblance to the second subject. Thus, the student should focus on a comparison that hooks the reader to the topic. Afterward, the student gives a brief statement follows the introductory sentence through the elaboration of a recent event, the issue at hand and the analog statement.

How to write body paragraphs: Tips on body writing

  • The body paragraphs commence with the differences.
  • Provide a proper explanation of the minor differences using comparisons to the resemblances.
  • The writer explains the minor differences through the elaboration of the similarities to the resemblances in different paragraphs.
  • The student identifies the major differences.
  • Commence with the least informative resemblance to the most informative one in different paragraphs.
  • Use both resemblance and differences transitions to link the paragraphs.

Additional tips on body writing

  • Give a summary
  • Repeat the analogy statement
  • Repeat the resemblances
  • Answer the ‘So What?’ question

How to finish an analogy essay

  • Read your written essay aloud and note the errors
  • Use Grammarly software to correct spelling, wrongly constructed sentences, and plagiarism
  • Give a friend the essay to read to identify the error and correct them before submission.

Analogy essay sample: Responding To Bad News

I have been to online sites since I was in my teenage years. I have received all sorts of news from entertainment, puzzle games, heartbreaking news, and bad and fake news. I have noted that bad news brings shock. But making such claims, shifting the incidence of trauma to bad news is like a smoker blaming the behavior of another person.

While both the actions are similar, they portray differences. In some incidences, smoking may not be the problem of a smoker. Thus, pens when an addict begins smoking from the second-hand cigarette smoke. The addict had no choice since he lives in the environment where there are many cigarette smokers hence it is a deplorable state that happens in most cases. Besides, cigarettes smoking is blamed on other people. In most cases, addicts blame their friends who lure them to the drugs due to peer pressure. However, the shock due to bad news comes as a result of personal behavior and love for the internet. Elsewhere, smoking involves the use of harmful substances that can be legal or illegal. Contrarily, fake news is usually legal but are everywhere on the website hence people get access to them irrespective of the age of the viewer and the place.

Despite the glaring minor differences, the two activities are similar. Both cases lead to shock hence the blames are shifted for the scapegoat of any kind. When such bring negative impacts such as shock, we should not blame others. Instead, we should blame ourselves. Thus, it is a show of irresponsibility when we shift the blame to other people or objects. No one glued your face to watch the bad news hence you got the shock. The person who posted the bad news on the internet never invited you to watch it and see the horrible images or get sad information.

Fake news and smoking have psychological impacts. In most cases, cigarette smokers get depression and dependent on the need for nicotine to make them cool. People who get shocked often get depression due to tormenting images in mind or information whenever they recall. Thus, people who love watching the fake news are prone to disturbing images or sad information. However, a thorough examination reveals that these people even get shocked when they receive fraudulent or sad information from the friends or parents. Therefore, watching the false news on the internet alone does not guarantee that the person will be shocked. Many people are addicted to the internet but do not get shocked hence there are some underlying psychological problems.

In conclusion, it is absurd to blame bad news or fake news for a shock. Besides, smokers choose to smoke cigarette and marijuana among other and get shocked while there are other causes of collapse. Therefore, I fail to understand the reason why shock is blamed on bad news. I watch the sad and fake news but I never been shocked. Thus, the present analogy can help people scrutinize the issue of shock and identify the psychological behavior underlying it rather than shift blame to the sad and fake news.

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