How to Write a Satire Essay

Satire Essay

Do feel confused when writing essays? Yes, you don’t even capture your audience or appeal to your readers. Sometimes, your paper is flat and lacks some exaggerations, sarcasm or irony. Thus, the whole work is challenging! Well, satire essays criticize and poke some fun to particular topics.

What are the main features of a satire essay?

When students write a satire essay, they need to consider the following features:

  • Satire essays rely on irony, inflation, comic juxtaposition, humor, parody and grotesque among others.
  • Satire papers are based on ethical reformation.
  • A satire paper should have the humor to transform society, especially when the vices are in humorous.
  • Such essays are usually directed to the community and not on an individual. In most cases, the papers target politicians, the prideful or the adulterers among others.
  • Satire essay implies the satirical status hence the reader has to pick humor to note the nature of the paper.
  • In most cases, this kind of writing exaggerates irony and wit to make the reader aware of the foolishness of the people it is directed to in the society.

How to start a satire essay: Tips on how to start

  • Be personal.
  • Choose the satirical topic or subject.
  • Define the point you are making.
  • Know your audience.
  • Gather the ideas together and write.
  • Use the hyperboles.
  • Choose to exaggerate language for the irony.
  • Add humor
  • Stick to the relevant issues and have limits when writing your essay.

How to write an outline

  1. Introduction: Use a hook to glue the readers to the essay. The hook should entice about the subject and should command their attention. However, the student should also use a quote that is lively. Secondly, state the thesis statement or opinion that opposes your position regarding the issue. Lastly, ensure that the idea appeals to the emotions, logic and ethical beliefs of the reader. Besides, the reader will identify the target.
  2. Body: Writers should acknowledge the values of the audience and use satirical elements to expose the vice or hypocrisy. Furthermore, indicate the required behavior for improvement. Besides, Students should note and elaborate the reasons that subvert the thesis statement with supporting evidence. After that, the student should use a closing sentence, to sum up, the point.
  3. Rebuttal: Writers should elaborate the counter-arguments to the actual opinion and use the satirical technique to show the weakness in the argument. Lastly, he or she should use a closing sentence, to sum up, the point.
  4. Conclusion: Writer needs to use a closing sentence especially a reiteration of the thesis statement. Consequently, there should be a call to action for the reader and a summary statement for the whole idea.

How to write a thesis statement

When writing thesis statements in satire essays, authors should identify the goals of the essay and the reason for discussing the subject, its relevance, value, and importance. Besides, the thesis statement should come in the last section of introduction. However, satire essays usually have thesis statements or opinions that are opposite of the writer’s position on the subject.

How to write an introduction

An introduction to a satire essay entails a brief background of a show or the subject being satirized. The introduction should be interesting to engage the reader before indicating a thesis statement at the end of the introduction. The thesis statement forms part of the introduction and gives clarity on the central point for satire essay.

How to write body paragraphs: Tips on body writing

  • Identify and acknowledge the value of the audience.
  • Bring out the satirical technique to inform the audience on the vice.
  • Identify the moral belief that is required for change.
  • Give a reason for subverting the thesis statement with at least two evidence to support the reason.
  • Ensure that each reason is not hanging hence summarize each of the reason.
  • Write a counter-argument to the opinion with a satirical technique to reveal its weakness.
  • Lastly, summarise the counter-argument using a closing sentence.

How to finish a satire essay: Tips on conclusion writing

  • Provide summary of the essay.
  • Reiterate the thesis statement.
  • Provide a direction on next event for the reader (Answer a ‘So What? question).
  • Student should give personal opinion.

Tips on revision

When revision satire essay students should:

  • Run the essay on the spell-checking software to correct grammar, spacing, and spelling and misused words.
  • Ensure that the format is simple as per the instruction.
  • Read the draft aloud twice to identify errors and understand whether the sentences flow.
  • Give the paper to a friend or a family member to read and correct mistakes before turn it in.

Satire essay sample

At Last, the Internet is Responsible for My Stupidity!

Initially, I treated intelligence as an undifferentiated whole. However, I was wrong. I understand that people in the early days of technological advancement depended on manual work. Researchers struggled to get information literary from books, magazines, and travel to libraries to read. Contrarily, the present day internet has transformed the mode of research. My stupidity increases day by day since I cannot think for a second regarding the best ways to solve the even arithmetic problem. Yes, the truth of using the internet is that it makes us lazy to do much of our work. Instead, we continuously engage in cramming other people’s ideas that only vanish upon completion of their intended purpose of passing examination! The Internet makes my brain intellectually lazy, stupid and increased amnesia. Thus, it is responsible for my ever increasing stupidity.

I am addicted to the internet that makes my brain lazy to even think of constructing a mere sentence such as “I need to work hard.” In the past, people worked hard to achieve new heights and get further information. Thus, they dedicated a lot of time and patience in research work and studies. Contrarily, the current generation uses the internet to get the information they need. Therefore, the students don’t spend the time to find information on their own. Instead, they copy paste or paraphrase other people’s ideas making their brain lazy to work. In the past, students used to perform tasks such as arithmetic on their own or discover results for experiments and their work were commendable. However, the current internet usage gives students information regarding computation or experiments hence they have answers before even performing the actual work. Therefore, the brain continues to relax and becomes lazy as time elapse leading to stupidity.

Separately, some people argue that the ability of the student in the current generation to solve arithmetic is controlled by technology. The modern computers and calculators make work easier. Is this kind of behavior stupidity or brain laziness? In the past students even derived their workable formulae to solve problems. Were their minds dictated by technology? Now, who between the past and the current student is intelligent? Based, in the argument, it is true I am stupid.

The use of internet brings brain amnesia. Current, I don’t bother to work on my recalling information that I have gained in the past since I am aware that such information is available online. Therefore, my brain seems not have constant exercise hence resulting in its inability to store and retrieve more information. Consequently, the mind becomes weaker due to a persistent search of information on the internet. Therefore, the weak memory recall makes me stupid.

In conclusion, internet usage is responsible for stupidity among the current generation who is lazy and has brain amnesia. The students are reluctant to search for information since they are aware of the information online. Therefore, we need to create public awareness about the impacts of the internet on students especially the increase in stupidity and laziness.

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