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Why is Education Important

The importance of education has forever increased over time. The human race has evolved immensely by educating itself. Education has played a key role in the development of human society morally, economically, and socially. Yet, writing a why education is important essay may be tricky if you are not comfortable writing. This write-up will make your life easy. Whether it is a short essay on the importance of education in 150 words or a longer 600 words essay, it won’t be difficult anymore. So, if you are a student looking to write an essay on the importance of education, then this article is for you. It gives you a general insight on why education is important and a couple of already written samples on the importance of education for your reference.

So, read on and create an impressive essay for your professor in no time at all.  

Short Essay on Importance of Education

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essay about importance of education

The importance of education can never be undermined in the development of a human being. On the contrary, personal development or professional education is a prerequisite for everything we wish to do in our lives. It is an ever-lasting process that starts from the cradle and ends at death. Moreover, the character and moral development of a person and the behavior of an individual in society pretty much depends on that person’s schooling. This short essay on the importance of education tells how it transforms humans for the better and gives a new perspective on life.

The importance of education is phenomenal for a society. Peace and social harmony prevail in a society that consists of educated members. Educated individuals are more responsible and aware of their part and contribution to a prosperous society. These individuals do not only ensure favorable conditions for a better life, but they also plan for a sustainable and flourishing future for the generations to come.

Today’s world is fighting against the menace of terrorism, and the only hope for mankind against this brutal and savage set of mindset is education. Through education, one can sow the seed of love, tolerance, and brotherhood in the young minds, who will symbolize hope for a terror-free world. Education is our only hope in these troubled times. It teaches us that violence is not the solution and war is never an option.

Education also plays a significant role in eradicating inequality. It is quite evident that in a developed and educated society, one would witness gender equality. An educated society provides a fair system where every individual can excel and live a life of contentment.  The dream of a prosperous, peaceful world can never be achieved without educating young minds. It is the only way forward, and the hope of mankind solely rests on education.

Essay Sample on The Importance of Education In 500 words

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From the beginning of time, education has brought light to the life of mankind. Even in the darkest times, education has always been a savior and has helped man get rid of the curse of ignorance. Whatever advancement and prosperity mankind has achieved today is all because of education. It is the most powerful tool that has provided man what he could only dream about, be it the dream of exploring space, flying like a bird, or curing fatal diseases; education has made it possible for humans to achieve what they could only aspire for. This essay about the importance of education emphasizes how it has revolutionized human life.

Education has always been at war with social evils that prevail in society; whether it is racial discrimination or gender inequality, it has always been at the forefront of fighting these evils that trouble society. There was a time when humans were sold as slaves in markets and children were buried alive; there were also times when individuals were not allowed at public places just because of the color of their skin. The reason why education is important is that it has elevated humans to the status of being civilized. It has prevented humans from committing heinous crimes and has persuaded them to give up norms and rituals against humanity and promoted brutality. As a result, the civilized nations today are indebted to the vital contribution of education in making this world a far better place to live.

 We live in a world that is diverse in terms of cultural and traditional norms. However, our ancestors’ beliefs can sometimes wreck a person’s life. Some people, for example, are termed cursed from the moment they are born. We’ve even labeled people as untouchables and stripped them of their basic rights. The illiterate belief in miracles, believing that a single prayer can cause a blind person to see, a deaf person to speak, and a lame person to walk. By believing such misconceptions, they end up wasting money. At such moments, the importance of education cannot be dismissed. Education promotes scientific explanations for the occurrence of all global phenomena. So only educated people can put an end to the existing black market based on manipulated myths about religion.

Through education, children are taught the importance of cleanliness and eating a well-balanced diet in primary schools. They are also educated on the benefits of recycling and reusing. Furthermore, they learn about the scarcity of natural resources and the importance of environmental and nature conservation. Thus, in everyday life, they can make wise decisions. When applied in practice, lessons on living in harmony with nature and maintaining the environment pollution-free could improve the quality of air, water, and soil. It will also improve the environment’s visual value, allowing us to attract more tourists. Hence education not only contributes to maintaining hygiene and well-being in the society for its betterment but also, through these activities, support economics, in the long run, ensuring a healthy and prosperous society.

Education can help a community’s law and order condition. People are more aware of deceptive methods and have the resolve to confront dishonest individuals. They grow hesitant to accept bribes and avoid falling prey to con artists and crooks. If primary and secondary education could be made free and mandatory, many more youngsters would not commit robbery, rape, or murder. After finishing high school, children who attend universities have a greater chance of finding work and are less likely to turn to crime as a means of surviving. As a result, education is critical in ensuring the safety and security of society.

The progress and prosperity of the world are dependent on education. Hence the world in unity must commit to educating and elevating the menace of ignorance.

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