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Pollution is a rising global issue that has made way for humans to think about saving the planet. Recycling, therefore, has become extremely pertinent to the polluted environment of the world. Hence, the issue has also found its way into the school and college curriculum-making students think about it and write essays on the issue. The issue of pollution has become so widespread that it has become important for the inhabitants of the planet Earth to think and respond responsibly and transfer the same responsible behavior among the younger generation. It has become extremely important that they understand and realize the importance of recycling to save the Earth for future generations. The usual problem that students face when dealing with a situation where they have to write an essay on recycling is how to write it? How to begin the essay and structure it to pass as an interesting read for the readers.

So, if you are a student who is currently in such a situation, this article will give you a couple of examples to get you working on your essay on recycling. The already written essays will help you create an impressive piece of writing for your school assignment.

Short Essay Example on Importance of Reduce Reuse Recycle

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Reuse Reduce Recycle

The importance of reducing reuse recycle is ever-increasing with the rising pollution levels in the world. Recycling is beneficial in saving the environment from further deterioration while it helps produce many useful products for human beings without additional resources.  With so many benefits, the human race needs to realize its significance to save the world for its coming generations. There are many ways recycling is beneficial for the world.

One of the to-most recycling benefits is that it saves energy. The process of recycling takes up less energy than producing an article from raw materials. For example, recycling an aluminum product uses vastly reduced energy than making it from scratch. This is because it needs to melt the used aluminum product and pour it into molds saving up greatly on energy.

Secondly, it helps reduce pollution and global warming that threatens the existence of Earth.  As recycling saves energy, it helps reduce carbon in the air, helping reduce the pollution levels in the atmosphere. The production of carbon and greenhouse gases is quite harmful to Earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, recycling is extremely important in reducing its harmful effects.

Another reason why we should recycle is that it helps in money conservation. Recycling saves energy and money as it costs way less than producing an item from raw materials. The money-saving can be done at the manufacturer’s end and the consumer’s end, as the finished product will cost way less than a product made from virgin materials. Thus, it helps the general humanity at large. Moreover, selling the waste product also fetches some extra money.

It is high time that the importance of recycling is taught to the younger generation to contribute together towards saving the Earth.

Essay Sample About Recycling on 500+ Words

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Recycling utilizes waste material and makes useful items out of it. The process that involves breaking down the original form of an object to create other useful items is called recycling. One of the huge benefits of recycling is that the items that do not degrade on their own such as plastic bottles and wrapping papers etc. are converted into more useful items to take maximum benefit from them. Otherwise, the waste material, when dumped, creates a burden on Mother Earth and pollutes the environment. Since the global warming effects and harmful effects of pollution have become widely known, recycling materials has become even more important. We need to protect the environment for future generations so that they can live in a pollution-free environment.

Recycling not only helps create new, innovative things from waste material, but in the larger scheme of things, it cuts down the production cost while at the same time safeguarding the environment and reversing the effects of global warming and climate change. In addition, the benefits of recycling paper include saving trees which are a valuable source of a fresh oxygen supply.

Recycling saves the energy which will otherwise be spent in constantly making products and fulfilling the demands. Moreover, resources and raw materials are saved to make the best products without spending anything on the raw material.

Since we save energy in the recycling process, greenhouse gases and other harmful gases are produced in lesser quantities, protecting the environment. However, as factories produce these toxic gases and harmful materials and chemicals, the environment is filled with poisonous gases, which results in air pollution. The quality of the air we breathe gets affected in general. Diseases and lung problems arise because of the increasing air pollution.

Moreover, recycling reduces the waste material that is generated in the making of any product. When there are no waste materials, the products are produced to save the environment and save money. Moreover, the number of recycled products created can be sold to generate some revenue. Nonetheless, recycling saves a lot of money.

Although recycling is not a simple process, it requires refining the product and going through different steps to create the end product. Different materials go through various processes. Here is how the process is achieved:

Paper- One of the most commonly used items on Earth is wood and water. To recycle paper, firstly, they cut it down into smaller pieces and then dissolve it in water. Then chemicals are added, which clear away the ink stains and any form of dirt on the paper. When the paper is filtered, it turns into a mush called the pulp, then made into paper.

Steel has a unique property that makes it a viable item for recycling. No matter how many times it is recycled, it doesn’t lose its original quality. It is first separated from other metals and then shredded into smaller pieces before being melted down and poured into desired molds. Recycling aluminum has a similar process.

Similarly, glass is first shattered and broken down into smaller pieces not more than 5 cm in size. It is then sorted into different colors before being melted and remolded into new shapes.

Recycling plastic can be tricky as it is composed of six different types of chemicals. In addition, each plastic has a different molecular structure, meaning that not all plastics are bio-degradable. The ones that can be recycled are first melted down then formed into new shapes.

Most of the materials can be recycled. However, its significance must be realized at large, and we, as human beings, make it a habit to recycle and reuse whatever we can to save our planet Earth.

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