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What defines a hero? A hero is an individual known for their noble qualities, courageous nature, and outstanding achievements. This person can stand their ground despite being surrounded by challenges and hardships. The leading figure is always selfless and never hesitates to help others, even keeping others’ safety before theirs. Furthermore, a hero should have the personality to become a role model for others and lead by example. The most common qualities of a hero include self-sacrifice, inspiration, moral integrity, and many more. Nonetheless, being a hero is not gender-specific or race, or even age-specific. Rather, there are no true criteria for somebody to be categorized as a hero. Regardless of what heroic qualities one owns, one attribute is common in every individual in this category; determination to fulfill a particular noble purpose. This purpose might vary, but the strength to go above and beyond and meet every challenge head-on to achieve this is what sets this person apart from the crowd. To learn more about what the term means, ordering a pre-written essay about heroes at EssayKitchen can be a great place to start.

Short Essay on What Makes a Hero a Hero

what makes someone a hero essay
what makes a hero essay

The concepts of heroism are diverse; however, it is essential to understand the qualities of a hero and what makes him heroic. What makes someone a hero? A hero is a person that has the qualities to bring about a positive impact on a community or even an individual. A man that dares to solve complex situations in a manner that might involve possible risks is a hero. Being a hero requires mental strength and discipline to keep energy and talent when facing hardships. The heroic act might not always align with the customs and habits of society. However, a hero is a firm believer in truth rather than myths that would overrule society. Respect for human life, for a hero, is fundamental. The characteristics of being a hero as well include one’s consistency with personal development and improvement.

In reality, no hero exists with superpowers, as the children see in their comic books, yet, being heroic can be reflected in different ways of empathy, for instance, being kind to the struggling person in need, helping someone that has no one to look out for, or principally, loving humanity in a way that might bring about happiness. It can also be witnessed in resilient people who do not let life challenges bring them down. A good example of such people comprises a cancer survivor. Such heroes are fighting a battle within. These qualities are essential, and when adopted by the common person, alter him into a hero, which is beneficial for society, inspiring more people towards the light of positivity.

Essay Sample on What Makes a Person Heroic

what makes a hero essay
what makes a hero essay

When some people hear the term hero, they start imagining a fictional character who happens to be young and well-built, wearing a latex costume with a funky cape to go with it flying around skyscrapers. Others perceive heroes to be fighting crime day and night and saving the day from evil. While these ideas have been embedded in the minds of humankind for centuries, what makes someone a hero is pretty much very different. Heroes have always existed on the borderline between reality and imagination. However, a real-life hero embodies the best human characteristics and is acknowledged for making a real difference. It means a hero is not confined to a pre-existing mold or specific criteria; a hero can come in all shapes, sizes, gender, religion, ethnicity, and age. Nothing superficial should be linked to this word. Rather, these are all the intrinsic qualities that make one a hero.

Such people are not very tricky to find instead of the traditional tales being told to children for years. If one takes out a little time from their busy schedules, step back, and take a good look around, heroic acts can be witnessed within a few miles of distance on an everyday basis. Unfortunately, the unsung heroes usually go unnoticed and unappreciated. A true hero is an ordinary person who takes a step for a needed cause out of bravery when no other does. For example, a domestic violence survivor is a hero, the girl who helped a blind lady cross the road can be considered a hero, even the bus driver that drives for miles to take kids to school is a hero. Hence, heroism doesn’t limit to wearing capes and having fancy superpowers. Instead, what makes a person heroic is resolving an issue and acting on it instead of becoming a helpless victim.

The title “hero” has been granted to the extraordinary throughout history as an award for their selfless and courageous actions. Most commonly identified are the war heroes and their remarkable achievements on the battlefield. Their unparalleled executions of combat, their courageous maneuvers within the trenches. But most importantly, their ability to sacrifice and put on the table anything for a purpose. 

What the vast majority of people fail to realize is this: heroes aren’t born; they are made. More importantly, it is not a requirement to be in the army or be widely acknowledged for your actions to be considered heroic. Prime examples of everyday people who chose to be heroes are firefighters. To volunteer to be some of the world’s most overlooked and ignored people but be risking your lives daily to ensure the safety of other individuals could very well be considered heroism itself. These people nosedive into flaming buildings intoxicated by poisonous fumes with no knowledge of whether they’d be seeing daylight again. Yet, they muster up the strength to face the flames and go to any lengths to be the saviors that they had set out to be.

Another such example would be police officers. Feared by many, but recognized as people who opted to fight for their rights and safeties by very few. These individuals will stand up to those with malicious intent, even if it means having to look into the barrel of the gun being pointed at them. Being a hero is quite simple yet extremely difficult at the same time. All that is necessary is to choose the right motive worth putting ahead of oneself and stay persistent until it is achieved.

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