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Proposed Management Plan for a Concert Event at Gordon Stadium

The board proposed the concert event to be held at Gordon stadium, which will take place in July. The expected number of audiences is about 30000 with more than 1000 delegates and 50 guests and artists


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Proposed Management Plan

Summary of The Event

The board proposed the concert event to be held at Gordon stadium, which will take place in July. The expected number of audiences is about 30000 with more than 1000 delegates and 50 guests and artists.

Logistic and Technological Challenges

The world is known for the daily changes due to the inventions that are implemented and practiced. Computer systems, cellphones, and telecommunications equipment are unquestionably competitive; yet, behind these instruments, there are complicated supply chains characterized by a desire for precision, speed, and consistent metrics – particularly in terms of risks, international rules, fittings, and resource and the basic logistic. Some of the technological and logistic challenges that will affect our plan are;


We will ensure that we have acquired the right insurance cover for the whole event. With the expected high number of attendants, there is a possibility of an injury; thus, we will use the public liability cover that costs $500 to protect us from such claims. The liability of Employers' policy is a legal obligation for most organizations recruiting personnel in the UK (The Importance of Event Insurance Explained | Eventbrite UK, 2022). Therefore, our responsibility is to ensure that employees are covered by incurring the employer’s liability in case of injury.


The event must be in line with the regulatory authority; hence we have paid $ 300 to get the license. The license will include all the relevant information presented to the authorities. We have also received bids from other companies, i.e., the Coca-Cola company, which is interested in sponsoring the invention that will help us in reducing the cost of the license. The stadium

Contractual obligations

We have had a formal agreement and contracts with other external parties like Coca-Cola company on the duties that will delegate, like coloring the audition and setting up the podium. We have designed a specialized team through interviews to ensure that contracts are lawfully signed. Another contract to be signed includes the stadium management parties, the security officers that will ensure the event is peaceful, and the employees through their heads. We also had a formal agreement with Philips and World Expos companies that will see them offering use some services as they get the opportunity to sell their products to the audience.

Staff Briefing

When planning any event, the first step is to establish a clear direction that includes goals, targets, and specifics such as the size, budget, intended venue, and themes. The establishment of direction is done through meetings (Hernandez, 2022). The management will continually conduct the staff meeting to give directions and orders enabling constancy in flow of information.

Event production schedule

The schedule has been drafted, containing all the tasks that responsible persons must complete before the event day. It specifies the duties, who is accountable for them, and when they must be completed. The schedule will help us ensure that the right person has responded to all the duties and that the resources have been well utilized. The following is the draft for the schedule

Floor plans

With the available information on the number of delegates and the general attendance, our team could develop a stadium blueprint. The floor plans have considered the spacing of all the guests, movements, and accessibility to designated areas like the platform.


There will be an arrangement of se

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