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Liberal View on Sexual Behavior


See the general instructions in the Essay Discussion Instructions section of the course menu.

Once you choose which question you'd like to write about, write your essay and post it in the discussion board and also save it as a Word document.

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You are discouraged from using additional sources. If you do choose to use an outside source, be sure to cite your source, just as you do when you use the course texts. If you use a quotation or an example from a website, cite the website's url and the date accessed.

Once you are ready for your classmates to read it, post the thread containing your essay. Then go to the TurnItIn dropbox section here in Blackboard and post your Word document into the dropbox. You do not need to include your response to another student in the file that you upload to TurnItIn.

Finally, read your classmates' posts. A complete assignment includes your written response to at least one essay besides your own--part of your score is based on your reply to at least one of your classmate's posts. It should be a meaningful reply that continues the discussion, points out something good about the post, and makes a constructive suggestion for improvement.

Essay Length tips--To answer these topics completely, it takes a minimum of 350 words. Use the topic questions and the scoring rubric to see if your draft responds fully to all parts of the question. A complete thoughtful answer is more important than word count.

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Liberal view on sexual behavior

According to research young people of around 15-24 years are 1.2 billion accounting for 18% of the total world population. This age bracket clearly illustrates that these people are in their transition stage of adolescence (Guerra et al, 1028). However, the majority of these numbers are exposed to different media sources making them change the previous cultural behaviors. Consequently, it has resulted in the youth having different behaviors and changes in their lifestyle due to their different opinions. Additionally, the alteration of their views has made them differ in sexual opinions.

The variation of the worldwide views is based on different areas that dispute their cultures. Recent studies have indicated the age reduction of the age the people have the first sex. This has resulted in liberal attitudes they have and their sexual practices generally. Studies conducted between 1991 and 2009 have shown that the students who had their first sex had reduced s

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