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Common App Prompt: Admission Essay For Undergraduate Program (Admission Essay Sample)


I was expected to write an admission essay for Undergraduate Program.
The sample is about exploring one's background, identity, interests, and talent that have contributed to shaping one's career.

Common App Prompt: Admission Essay Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Common App Prompt: Admission Essay Prompt 1 My desire to pursue mechanical engineering started when I was in the third grade. I was fascinated by my dad’s radio-controlled car. The rickety 1986 Tamiya gold pan RC10 became one of my lifetime interests, and a couple of years later, I purchased my first RC car kit. I wanted to experience the excitement that comes with competitive speed, so I started modifying and customizing my cars to achieve maximum speed. With time, regular customization became inspiring and exciting as I developed significant expertise in problem-solving, innovation, and self-expression. It was not easy to deal with the bend axles, oil changes, and shredded differentials. However, through patience and ingenuity, I managed to enhance my skills and improve my experience. I also started researching how the primary designs of these RC cars could be improved. I had to make good use of my limited resources to maximize my expectations. It is important to note that my knowledge in this area was not spontaneous. I have to be patient to build substantial knowledge through research, model and design testing, and personal studies. I failed in many attempts, but each failure became a lesson and an opportunity for improvement. I studied other mechanical aspects and theories to master how to improve my designs. For example, I used to study the physics behind electronic circuits, motor, aerodynamics, steering, transmission, and suspension designs. These areas remain some of my favorite fantasies and interesting topic in modeling and invention. The knowledge I have gathered through my personal research and studies in this area has created memorable moments in my life. I remember one day when I participated in robotic competitions in high school. We spent the freshman and sophomore summers at a STEM camp where the junior high school students learned the fundamentals of robotics. My team emerged as the winners, which was motivating. In my recent summer’s project with Professor Haber at Island College, I focused on complex topics such as coding and design in robotics. The skills I had developed became the foundation of this project. My career focus is currently embedded in mechanical engineering since I would like to enhance my technical skills through an advanced professional qualification to solve complex global problems in this field. I associate my interest in engineering to the childho...
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