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Princeton University Biology Application: Obstacles We Encounter (Admission Essay Sample)


For this portion of the summer assignment, you will be thinking about the application process and how you can use the application essay to provide meaningful information about yourself. The application essay is your opportunity to tell admissions personnel something about yourself that is not readily available elsewhere in the application process. Remember you are attempting to convince them that they want you at their college or university. Also, consider that your admissions essay has a limit of 750 words!
Prompt: The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success.


Dear Sir/Madam
Re: Application Essay for Degree Program at Princeton University
Since childhood, I have found biology to be an intriguing subject. When I was 11, I often found myself inquiring about the science of life. I read about biological concepts such as genes, proteins, deoxyribonucleic acid, and cells without a complete picture of how they functioned and the properties they brought to human and animal life. I used to study the critical roles that the cells performed in the body and how these small elements composed the main components of the human body. It is still a subject that fascinates me as I don’t think there has been any proper explanation of the core property of life. My education at high school has only enlightened my path to studying biology and finding the most perplexing questions I have ever had about the structure of life. My education at high school has helped me dispose of many myths about life, but I still find life a mystery that needs to be solved.
I am writing this letter to request admission to Princeton University for a major in Molecular Biology. I have looked at many universities that offer bachelor’s programs in Biology and chose to study at Princeton University. I have examined your course and found it very extensive, covering the current trends and aspects that most universities do not cover. For example, I have seen that Princeton’s course for molecular biology covers the key areas that I am interested in cell biology and the development of cancer cells, structural biology, genetics, and genomics. I also realized that the university provides an opportunity for students to work with the world’s famous scientists through independent research in the Senior Thesis program. I think that a career in Molecular biology is the right course for me to solve the mysteries of life components that have intrigued me for years. I believe molecular biology allows me to understand life and the world around me.
I have not only wanted to pursue a course that gives me a well-paying job but also a course that allows me to serve society and help in making life better. I understand that the world faces numerous challenges like diseases, pandemics, and sustainability problems. I think that science is the only way through which humanity can find healing for the impact that they are having on the environment. I hope that the knowledge of the components of life can help me understand the general fabric of existence and find ways to take care of the environment by championing those values that enhance peaceful coexistence and harmonious relationships between man and the wider environment.
To me, Princeton University is the right place because its programs align well with my beliefs about the relationship between human activities and life. I was delighted to discover that Princeton University is at the forefront of championing sustainable development and using science to bring the desired change that aligns development with sustainability. I wish to join Princeton University because I realized that the institution offers practical knowledge to the students, unlike other universities t

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