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Albert Einstein (Admission Essay Sample)


To a majority of people, Albert Einstein is just a scientist, to the rest of us he should be the father of modern electricity.

Speech on Albert Einstein
To a majority of people, Albert Einstein is just a scientist, to the rest of us he should be the father of modern electricity. He was born in March; in the Kingdom of Wurttemberg in Germany (Jim 29). Raised by a father who was an engineer, it is with no doubt that is where he learnt his trade in electricity. By 1894, his father’s business had started been unsuccessful. The main reason behind the failure of their business was that the direct current (DC) equipments were losing business due to the rise of alternating current (AC) equipments (Patricia 6). It is for this reason that the Einstein family sought to move to Italy, and later to Pavia in order to find greener pastures. With these changes in life, Albert remained in Munich in order to complete his studies.
In the summer of 1895, he sat for the Swiss Federal Polytechnic entrance examinations. Shockingly, he failed to meet the obligatory standards in most of the subjects (Patricia 13). Nevertheless, he had the best scores in physics and mathematics. A year later, managed to pass his exams. At the age of seventeen, he signed up in the four year mathematics and physics teaching program at the Zurich Polytechnic School and it is at this time when he met his future wife Mileva Maric (Patricia 7). After his graduation, it took him two years to receive gainful employment as an assistant examiner at the Federal Office dealing with IPs (Intellectual Property) (Jim 15).
There he mostly dealt with issues relating to the transmission of electronic signals and electrical and mechanical harmonization of time (Patricia 19). These two scientific (physics) problems and it was through experiments that helped Albert lead into conclusion about the nature of light and issues relating to the basic connection between space and time (Jim 20). With his friend from school ("The Olympia Academy”) whom they met regularly used to discuss issues relating to science and philosophy. It is through this group that his scientific and philosophical points of views were shaped.
After helping a professor in the University of Zurich with experimental physics problems, and write his thesis entitled A New Determination of Molecular Dimensions, it is then that he was honored with a PhD by the University (Patricia 39). That same year (1905), Albert got to publish four papers. They revolved around; photoelectric effect, Brownian motion, the equivalence of matter and energy and special relativity (Jim 13). These papers earned him universal recognition by the academic world. By 1908, he was a renowned scientist and with a job as a lecturer in the University of Bern. He later quit his job in the IPs office and became the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Physics and also as a ...
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