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Introductory Statement to Faculty Members Assignment (Admission Essay Sample)


the paper was to serve as an introductory statement to faculty members, by a newly admitted student into a phd program in NORTH CENTRAL UNIVERSITY. IN THE PAPER, THE PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDENT WAS DETAILED; HIS TOPICS OF INTEREST; MOTIVATION FOR PURSUING THE PHD program, and research ideas.


Introductory statement to faculty members
This paper is to serve as my introduction to the rest of the faculty members. In the paper, I will provide information on my professional background, my topics of interest and motivation for pursuing the Ph.D. program. The paper will also discuss how I plan to use the available resources at my disposal to ensure smooth learning. Lastly, I will share my ideas on areas of concern and further research.
Professional background
I have a master's degree in information systems from the university of phoenix. In pursuant of the advanced degree, I studied several units in system analysis and design. To be more specific, I took a course on system analysis and development. The course gave me a good grounding in system design and development of applications in a business environment. I also took a course in enterprise models, in which I learnt about ERPs, supply chain systems, and CRMs. Another course I studied was emerging technologies and issues. In the course, I learnt how to analyze new technologies in the business environment and the stepwise process of adopting such technologies in businesses. In another course titled I.T. infrastructure, I was exposed to information technology concepts touching on internets, intranets, servers and ethics surrounding the before stated. Still, on the ethics, a particular course called security ethics gave me advanced knowledge on ethical matters as they pertain to I.T. A final course I studied, that I found particularly interesting was CIS project management. The course imparted in me skills necessary for successful project implementation and management in the I.T. Environment. My undergraduate degree was in telecommunication technology. The degree gave me the basics of applying computer information system in a business environment. Electronic communications, computer networks, and business information technologies were some of the core courses I studied. A final internship experience ensured I saw firsthand the application of theoretical knowledge in an actual business setup.
Topics of interest
I am interested in topics that are likely to add to what I have been doing in the past years, thereby facilitating my career development and professional growth. My working career spans 14 years in retail banking together with a personal business in hair cutting, which I have owned since 2002. A course in strategic management is therefore highly relevant in my case, since soon enough, in will be rising to senior management roles in retail banking. To succeed in senior management roles demands the use of decision support systems. In this respect, a course in Information Technology Decision Support system is necessary for me. Database administration and management is another course I am very keen on learning. The course will ensure I have the relevant knowledge in databases as they apply to businesses. This will not only ensure I stand out in my professional career as a banker; additionally, it will also facilitate the smooth running of my personal business. Research methods and techniques are important for me because most of the strategic decisions in banking are based on research. A final topic I am highly interested in is ethical issues in businesses. This particular topic has evolved largely over the past years, and as such, continuous learning of the topic is imperative to stay informed about emerging issues on the subject.
How I plan to use available resources
As a student at North Central University, there are many resources at my disposal. I plan to maximize each of them to ensure I get the best from the university. The commons is particularly very interesting. I plan to use this online tool to interact with other faculty members, learn what they are doing, and to share my personal experiences. I will also use the platform to start interesting conversations on topics of interest and to contribute to discussions started by other members. The desertion center will be resourceful, in getting the information necessary to complete my desertion. To get the required technological materials for smooth learning, I will turn to the Student Technology Resource Center. Lastly, as a student, time management is very important. Luckily, the university has a time management-training program. I plan to enroll in the program to receive insights on how to best manage my time.
My motivation for choosing the Ph.D. program
The modern business environment is very competitive. To remain relevant in such an environment demands continuous learning. I, therefore, view pursuing this Ph.D. as critical in ensuring I gain a competitive edge in the modern operating environment. Another reason ...
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