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Why I chose to pursue a Ph.D in psychology (Admission Essay Sample)

Order Description Hello, I am applying to Alaska Pacific University to study Psyc. D "which is a Ph.D in psychology." I have to write and essay and answer these questions please: An essay that addresses the following questions: What are your reasons for wanting a Psy.D. from APU at this time? What are your short and long term personal and professional goals? How do you see yourself contributing to the improvement of the community or larger society with the Psy. D.? Describe your abilities and desires regarding rigorous independent work within a cohort setting or model along with your plans to enter into the PsyD. Describe your plan to balance graduate school, work, and personal life should you be admitted to the program source..
Doctor of Psychology Name Institutional Affiliation I often have the love and compassion of helping others. Taking the load of other peoples’ problems is the groundwork of my passion for counseling psychology. My personal experience of pain for the loss of loved ones from depression gives me the credibility to help and counsel others. Alaska Pacific University and I have a common goal of solving people’s problems in society. I like Alaska University because it received good ratings in Counseling Psychology degree program on recent University rankings. The University has been recognized for its affordable rates and great emphasize on the Counseling Psychology degree program on real world issues. The central locality of the University within the state of mental health problems gives me the heart of the job market as professional Psychologists. I have seen for many years’ people continue to suffer depression as a result. Your program will enable to develop the required perspectives and tools to analyze causes of depression and how they can be handled. The program will prepare me for research in the area of counseling people. My primary objective is to learn much in counseling psychology so that I may become the most productive member of society. My short goal is to complete my degree in Counseling Psychology from Alaska Pacific University and begin developing a clientele to provide a positive influence to individuals who feel depressed in life. My long-term goal is to work in an organization that works to improve people’s life. My central interest is in the area of depression prevention, through professional experience, enhanced communication, and dialogue. Of course, while saving people with depression is often a noble goal in society. Depression may seem inevitable in some cases; my aim is to develop creative strategies to minimize the pain and suffering. I also want to help people develop a positive attitude towards life. I feel that by pursuing a degree in Counseling Psychology will assist me to find solutions to people’s problems. The knowledge I gain will help me improve an individual sense of well‐being, eliminate feelings of distress and solve crises. The study will contribute to focusing on creative expression through one’s talents to help others. I plan to educate people in different ways of coping with stress. I also intend to a professor in psychology to impart knowledge of counseling psychology to others. I strive to build a productive and positive environment for depressed persons. I am proficient in academics hence theses attribute has made me succeed in scholastic endeavors. My desire is to build my knowledge base and transform the lives of people undergoing...
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