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Research and Describe The Best Way to Spend Christmas Eve (Admission Essay Sample)


in your own opinion, which is the best way to spend Christmas eve?

The Best Way to Spend Christmas Eve
Everybody looks forward to the holidays. The various festivities, the gifts and the time spent with family are all part of the allure of the holiday. However, the holidays always seem to be fleeting and most are left planning on how best to celebrate the upcoming holidays. In the context of the Christmas holiday, Christmas eve is among the busiest times of the whole year. As such, a lot of detail goes into planning how to spend the day. Some prefer, being alone, some prefer spending it with the family and most spend it on numerous shopping trips trying to get the perfect gift for their loved ones.
The best way to spend Christmas eve should be an incorporation of various activities that are mostly geared towards serving others. In maintaining the serving spirit of the Christmas holiday, every individual should volunteer towards a worthy cause. Serving others without expecting anything in return is a very rewarding experience. As such, during Christmas eve everyone should make it a point to volunteer at an organization that primarily serves the less fortunate in the society. This section of the population also deserves to enjoy the holidays and take their minds off their extreme struggles they have to face each day.
Presents are the major hallmark of the Christmas holiday, as such shopping is inevitable. However, people should not engage in frivolous spending simply because it is the holidays. Rather, on Christmas ev...
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