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Should immigration laws be reformed? (Admission Essay Sample)


Write an essays not exceeding 400 words on the following subject “Should immigration laws be reformed?”

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“Should immigration laws be reformed?”
Madelaine’s Translating pain posits how little the world knows about the sufferings of immigrants which range from economic hardships to social tensions, and prevalent racial discrimination. Immigration remains a highly contentious issue across the globe in terms of law and public policy. Regions such as the United States, Canada and Europe continue to receive substantial numbers of illegal immigrants annually. Immigration law has, therefore, been stringent, intended to discourage individuals from seeking citizenship in these countries. Multitudes continue to suffer, live in destitution and even lose their lives as a result of strict immigration legislation.
Immigration laws should be reformed to make them more accommodating to foreigners so as to protect their lives and dignity. Fair immigration laws should aim at protecting illegal immigrants in countries rather than prosecuting and deporting them indiscriminately. The legislation should also reduce penalties imposed on illegal immigrants and encourage them to register with relevant authorities so as to reduce their number. The law should also be extended to provide financial subsidies to illegal aliens since the majority are incapable of earning a decent living.
The law should also institute amnesty clauses in which illegal immigrants given amnesty and/or given a legitimate chance to legalize their status. Immigration legislation should also help immigrants better acculturate to life in the foreign nation. Besides, it should clearly outline the legal, financial, linguistic and cultural issues affecting immigrants. In summary, a moral dilemma on whether immigration laws should be reformed exists with calls for reformation founded on the humanitarian dimension of the argument.
Don Chipote’s poem El lavaplato conveys the dreadful plight of i...
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