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Statement Of Purpose: Global Progression Of Technologies (Admission Essay Sample)


Writing an admission essay The global progression of technology innovation and the impacts it has had on civilization.

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Statement of Purpose
The global progression of technology innovation and the impacts it has had on civilization has constantly intrigued me; thus, my desired for the sciences. Further, science has dependably been an interest and to a greater extent a marvel to me, especially, as a freshman whereby I learnt the essence of using microbes (algae) to create oil. Through this maximum and other relevant incredible experiences, I was convinced that pursuing a Masters degree in Biotechnology will not only open up an opportunity for the perpetual journey to education but provide a perfect integration of hypothetical knowledge to practical skills. I believe that to achieve my ambition, I have to arm myself with imperative skills that can only be obtained through a post-graduate system. Therefore, I envision your institution as the perfect expedient to seek after my academic dreams and accomplish my science ambition objectives.
Conceivably, the bases of my interest in science originate from my first experience as a freshman in high school. One morning when I was going to the school's website to read news, I bumped into a fascinating science article about how scientists can use microbes (algae) to create oil. Dull and eccentric as it might appear, that headline was the revolutionary scientific point in my life. Hence, I studied biology and graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a bachelor of science in biology. Further, from that first experience, I developed an interest in reading information and watching documentaries about scientific advancement from the Stone Age period. Currently, I concentrate my readings and information enthusiasm about the practical application of scientific innovation to mitigating societal challenges.
Besides, the personal studies catalyzed by self-impetus, I am an experienced researcher in the science field. In the year 2012, I was theresearcher at Dr. Min Ni's lab, examined and experimented with the regulation of SHB1. Specifically, the crucial regulator of Arabidopsis thaliana seed improvement over its target genes in temporal and special scale at various days after pollination. Further, I examined the enhanced endosperm of MINI3 and studied Arabidopsis hypersensitive role in the characterization of plant mutative nature. Moreover, during my participation at the Global Genetically engineered machines (IGEMA) in the year 2011, I developed a bionanotemplating system based E.coli through reconstituting the Coliroid system so as to ice nucleation protein INP and create a chimera fusion. Hence, the academic experience has instigated my desire to gain more scientific qualifications that will help me improve my ambition of venturing into food technology business.
Since my undergraduate studies,...
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