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Why I Chose Wildlife Science as My Major and How It Will Fulfill My Educational and Career Goals (Admission Essay Sample)


personal statement on Why I Chose Wildlife Science as My Major and How It Will Fulfill My Educational and Career Goals

Personal statement
Degree Objective:
Why I Chose Wildlife Science as My Major and How It Will Fulfill My Educational and Career Goals
The feeling of holding a one day kitten that had a mangled leg at my tender age is just but one of the multiple times that made my urge certain to devote my life to animals and more so, wildlife. Through volunteering with animals as well as studying sciences at the A-level, it came to my realization that I was fascinated by the scientific research and the wildlife science. The interest grew at the times when I used to watch science programs that ventured on wildlife, reading magazines, and playing educational games concerning wildlife. This marked my very and unending interest that saw me take on wildlife as a major in my studies.
Furthermore, I at all the times find myself continually inspired by the scientific discoveries on animals such as wildlife scientists and veterinarians been conversant with the Alarm Bradycardia for very many centuries before the cardiologist recently came to understand it as Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy in the human beings. My enthusiasm has since grown through the environmental science where the animal kingdom never ceases to amaze me with some phenomena’s such as the Peto’s Paradox. The paradox has raised speculations as to whether wildlife such as the whales evolved some biological mechanism which fights cancer, I am very enthusiastic about venturing or rather exploring such curiosities.
Majoring in wildlife science will by a large part fulfill my educational and career goals. To begin with, majoring in the wildlife science will offer me the opportunity volunteering with wildlife as well as showing the commitment to raising the quality of the animal lives. In my free time, I have learned that about 70 percent of the infectious diseases in the human beings have their start in the animals. This has made me more interested in learning about the wildlife so that I can be able to venture into prevention and spread of such diseases. It will also quench my interest in evolution which I have enriched my understanding of through reading a majority of the science books by R. Dawkins’s along with ‘The Origin of Species.’ I feel that taking wildlife science as a major will fulfill my academic career by helping me gain further knowledge on wildlife besides gaining ...
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