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Personal Statement: MSc Financial Mathematics at the LSE Mathematics (Admission Essay Sample)


write a personal statement for a student applying for MSc Financial Mathematics at the London school of economics. Chinese, studied in UoT (bsc Mathematical Applications in Economics and Finance) and worked with China Merchants Securities Company.


[Student Name]
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Personal Statement: MSc Financial Mathematics at the LSE
My interest in Financial Mathematics has been alive for a decade now. As a Chinese who studied at Canada’s University of Toronto, I have observed economic changes in the Eastern and Western economies that only make sense when viewed in mathematical terms. Reading about the experience of Lehman Brothers’ financial woes in my undergraduate studies only precipitated the need for advanced knowledge in mathematics to successfully model problems in the financial markets. Having attained a GPA of 3.8 in Mathematical Applications in Economics and Finance, I am more persuaded that MSc Financial Mathematics in the LSE is the best program to bolster my professional standing. 
I am particularly gripped with understanding the quantitative methodologies and techniques the program is guaranteeing. The program’s emphasis on improving personal skills like logical reasoning, quantitative analysis and the presentation of technical results are the most desirable expectations for jobs in the investment banks and other financial institutions. Besides, I am confident the program will sharpen my skills and develop knowledge that global financial companies are looking for in professionals. Overall, through this program, I will gain specialist skills necessary to create new and innovative mathematical tools and systems for solving problems in this increasingly complex world of finance. In this regard, joining the LSE for the MSc Financial Mathematics is the most desirable discretion to attaining my professional ambition. 

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