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Qualities of a Good Neighbor Admission Assignment (Admission Essay Sample)


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Qualities of a Good Neighbor
The environments we live in can be good or bad depending on the kind of neighbors living amongst us. This essay provides my opinion about the qualities of a good neighbor.
A good neighbor should be friendly and approachable. Sometimes we may be lonely and the neighbor is the only companion available. We shall be comfortable to share our time or experiences with the neighbor only if he or she is friendly or approachable. For example, there are times we feel lonely in our homes. In such a situation, we can easily knock at the door of a friendly neighbor. We can also invite a friendly neighbor to our homes to share in social events such as birthdays and anniversaries.
A good neighbor is one who helps in time of need. Although it might not be appropriate to depend on the others a lot, some situations may require the help of a good neighbor. For example, we all face security threats in our neighborhoods. Therefore, a good neighbor is the one we can count on in times of a security threat or an emergency. Just like a friend in need is a friend indeed, a neigh...
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