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Personal Statemen, Technology and Education, Application (Admission Essay Sample)


Here, an application for admission to a masters program was required. Since the applicant was looking to join a technology program but had a background in education, he/she was required to give an elaborate explanation of his/her experience with technology and why he/she wanted to pursue a master's degree in technology.

Personal Statement – Technology and Education
As the saying goes, everyone has something that makes them tick. Well, I find this statement particularly applicable to me when technology, especially information technology, is the subject of discussion. I can research it, use it, and talk about it for hours on end, but still want to do something technology related. When I look at my past, I cannot recall a time when technology was alienated from it. Technology has always been around and about, helping me carry out my chores, plan my life, help others, and expand my knowledge. Throughout this process, I could not help, but become curious about how this phenomenon that delivers so much convenience to humanity, functions and whether it could be used to do more.
This curiosity extends back to the days before I even pursued my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. I always knew that my education would transcend the bachelor’s degree level, but never imagined that my love for technology would have such a profound influence on the direction my career would take. As I pursued my bachelor’s degree, I could not help, but notice how with its growing versatility, technology integrated into the classroom and became indispensable. In addition to this new trend that took shape as I watched, both my husband and brother have technology degrees and are currently running their own computer businesses. These two factors have worked complementarily to bring my interest in technology to a level where it can no longer be a mere object of my love but a part of me. I, therefore, wish to move from being a spectator and passive consumer of technological genius to an active consumer who applies technology to each and every aspect of my educator roles.
This goal is achievable only when one is thoroughly acquainted with the concepts behind the functioning of technological gadgets so that they can determine the kind of technology that befits every situation in a typical classroom and use it appropriately and effectively to disseminate desired information and knowledge. This is the chief reason behind my desire to pursue a master’s degree and not in any other field, but in the technological realm. I am already qualified as an educator. However, as I seek to bolster my standing in this regard, further education becomes inevitable, and while this is happening, I choose to master in technology as a proactive measure that will set me apart. With this distinction, I am confident that I will be more resourceful and versatile in comparison to my peers. My driving belief is that in this day and age, conventional methods of knowledge dissemination are fast becoming outdated and in due time, technology will be a definitive feature of classrooms. When this happens, I will be well positioned and adequately equipped to carry on with the noble responsibility of educating our children.
As such, immediately after completing my studies, I intend to seek a full-time educator position, which I am eligible for courtesy of my bachelor’s degree. This will be my first goal. Once this goal is achieved, I will then unleash the power of my master’s degree in information technology in the classroom environment to make ...
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