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Graduate Admission: The Special Education Teaching (Admission Essay Sample)


This was a personal statement for a Client. the client wanted to join a Special Education Teaching Certificate program at an institution following her growing interest in children with special needs.

Institution of Affiliation
I humbly take this opportunity to request formally to join the Special Education Teaching Certificate program at your institution following my growing interest in children with special needs.
Having lost my son recently, I have come to appreciate that there is an undeniable clarity that comes when death looms over a loved one. The little time I spent with my son was a revelation as it shed light on some of the unfathomable issues surrounding disability and special needs. I was certainly reminded of the privilege that comes with every drawn breath and became of the understanding that every moment spent with our children regardless of their physical and mental needs should be cherished. The experience with my son illuminated what parents with special needs children feel. I was able to relate to all issues that had become apparent to me.
My son Julian was born a premature baby at eleven months. Being a preterm baby, Julian became vulnerable to serious health issues in addition to the normal issues arising from premature births like being tube feeding. After six months with my son, I was enlightened of the critical issues of special needs children. Had my son survived after the six months it would have been obvious that he would not have led a normal life? The realization sparked the passion in me to nature and groom, these children into being productive young adults.
I would not have wished for my son to lack any of the basic needs including education due to his condition growing up. I, therefore, set out to establish my purpose in helping these children acquire a good educational foundation. My interest in being an educator was developed a little while back when I got a substitute teacher position at the New York Public School. My interaction with these children built my understanding on how important and beneficial it was for them to have basic education provide which then grew into a passion after spending six months in the NICU and PICU of the New York City Hospital where my son was born.
I intend on using the knowledge acquired from the program to help revolutionize the special needs education sector in not only New York but also largely the country. Since each of these children is unique, the...
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