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The Difference between a Long Term and a Short Time Life Goal (Scholarship Essay Sample)


Differentiate between a Long Term and a Short Time Life Goal


The Difference between a Long Term and a Short Time Life Goal
The Difference between a Long Term and a Short Term Life Goal
Goal setting is critical to success in life since, the ability to set goals and implement a workable plan to achieve them is a time tested and proven way to success. A goal is a statement or a declaration of what an individual wants to have, be, do or accomplish within a given time period. It provides direction to the plan of action since it outlines the necessary steps to achieve a certain objective. Goal setting, on the other hand, is the process which a person uses to determine what he or she wants to do, have or be. Setting goals guide individuals, enabling them to identify what is important to them and prioritize their behavior and actions (Assaraf, 2007).
The effectiveness of life goals is determined by the clear mapping of both short and long term goals, all of which are critical in the overall life goal achievement. A short term goal is simple hence comprises of activities that are to be completed on a regular basis while a long term goal is a complex combination of short term goals that are set to be achieved over a longer time periods (Groh, 1994). A short term goal is, therefore, more immediate and is set to be achieved in the near future while a long term goal, which is more meaningful and important, is often set to be achieved in the distant future, say up to five years.
A major difference between a short term and a long term goal is the duration of accomplishment. While a short term goal may take a day or less, a long term life goal often run into months, even years (Assaraf, 2007). In this context, a short term life goal may be to attend a class on a specific day while the corresponding long term goal may be to get a degree in a specific area of specialization within the next four years. A short term goal is often less complicated and tends to be simple while a long term life goal might be more complicated since multiple variables have to come into play for it to be achieved. Hence, even though a short term goal is in most cases easier to achieve with the right focus, a long term life goal tend to be more difficult to achieve.
According to Groh (1994), a long term goals often needs a plan and may require special resources while a short term goal may not require any complex planning or massive resources to achieve. A long term goal also tends to be less tangible due to the longer time periods necessary to attain it while a short term goals is easier to achieve and can be easily measured. The achievement of a short term goal can be easily measured while a long term goal is often difficult to measure since its achievement takes longer time periods.
Groh (1994) contends that even th...
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