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Statement Of Purpose For Business Major Research Paper (Scholarship Essay Sample)


Description It is a statement of purpose for applying to Santa Monica College for business and management major.

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I am a 24-year old Indonesian high school graduate and am interested in pursuing bachelor’s degree majoring in Business Management. I was running my own company in Indonesia as Director Finance, which is a general supplier company, after which I moved to San Francisco and am presently enrolled in an International language program.
Now I intend to seek admission in Bachelor’s program (majors in Business Management) in Santa Monica College. Since childhood, I had some idea in my mind what I wanted to do with my life. The business activities of my father always were a source of excitement for me. He is a dedicated worker in the management profession. After school, I used to go through books and business magazines such as Forbes and Business week, deriving motivation from the success stories of renowned CEOs and other business professionals. Since then I made up my mind to be a business executive following the footsteps of my father.
The idea of manufacturing products in factories, being a boss myself managing hundreds of employees and signing business deals always fascinated me. I see myself as an executive in a multinational heading a department and maintaining an above-average standard of living, in the next 12 to 15 years. Business Management is a rewarding profession and one can learn a wide variety of skills from it like management, marketing, accounting, finance, information technology etc. Not only it gives us a number of options to specialize in, it enables us to analyze a business scenario from different angles and come up with cost-effective solutions.
Business Management is a dynamic field that provides one with lots of challenges. One has to keep himself/ herself updated with the latest changes taking place around the globe. I am personally a flexible and daring person and love to be challenged. Whether its sports or studies or business, I have very often fulfilled my objectives and I sincerely believe that Business Management is the right choice of major for an individual like me.
The United States of America presents to the world an excellent intercultural business environment and developed industrial sector. For these reasons, I want to study business management in USA and acquire useful knowledge from renowned professors with exceptional facilities for research. I am willing to get constant exposure to knowledge and skills that will help me transform into a management professional with immense potential. An American degree will be a magnificent investment in my future, the returns of ...
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