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Personal Statement (Personal Statement Sample)


Personal Statement
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Personal Statement
I am a graduate from the University of Manchester. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Management and Marketing of fashion. I enjoy marketing and always thought that my bachelors course would provide an opportunity to delve into the marketing option, but that was not the case. Furthermore, my bachelor course focused more on chemistry rather than my preferred marketing option. My desire has always been to pursue a Masters degree in marketing so as to improve my personal goals and objectives in life. In addition, I am passionate about marketing and would cherish the opportunity to join Westminster University for my preferred for a Masters in marketing.
I believe that everyone is entitled to a chance to study what they are passionate about and my internship in Russia was the beginning of my marketing practice. While in Russia, I undertook a brief marketing experience at my grandfather’s restaurant. I remember setting up a marketing plan for a new restaurant and presenting a marketing strategy that he appreciates and has led to steady returns. My career after the Masters degree would focus on a personal private marketing firm where I will have the liberty to create employment and empower talented marketers. I intend to present my marketing skills through my private company and diversify in different fields. The University of Westminster offers a program that fits my demands as a postgraduate student.
An industrial experience at Asteria Capital company in London, proved to be the turning point for my desire in marketing. I did the industrial work while still in year three, and the experience was important in shaping my desire for a postgraduate degree at the University of Westminster. My task at the company was to develop an interior design project. The experience helped develop my skillset in organization and communication strategies within the company. I was able to organize office data and present a portfolio for new clients who took an interest in the company. I managed to expand my communication skills and employ professionalism and ethics in the company. Moreover, I believe that my skills and my first degree would fit the Masters program at the University of Westminster.
In addition to my theoretical work during my degree course, I managed to exhibit utmost professionalism and ethics in the work environment. I was a team player at Asteria Capital Company in London. I managed to meet other accomplished Marketers, and it made me desire to pursue Marketing at a Masters level. I believe that the University of Westminster will offer an opportunity to interact with the marketing communications techniques ...
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