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Personal Statement Writing (Personal Statement Sample)


This is a personal statement for a student that is trying to get into a math program at the University of Washington.

Chun Wa Ki
Personal Statement
Picture a warm sunny day, sitting in my room, a cup up cappuccino placed neatly by my laptop as I soared through the websites. Quietly, I sit and search hundreds of Universities online, suddenly, my mouse clicked on the one that I believe will change my life forever, University of Washington at Tacoma.
For as long as I could remember, learning has always been a passion of mine. I always say that I became a student the day the doctors said, "It’s a boy!" As a life-long student, I feel that I display various potentials that make me the perfect applicant for studies at University of Washington Tacoma. My sphere is crowded by numbers. Numbers are the most prevailing tool for good and as a child, I always saw myself applying these numbers. That is why an occupation in accounting is the only choice, in my estimation, to study at UW Tacoma. My planning and my drive for chasing upper-division studies are a mixture of both personal aspiration and past experience. For the reason that I am a seasoned student and worker. I am certain that I will bring a diversity of praiseworthy qualities to the Milgard School business education program. My special strong point and my unwavering aspiration to accomplish an assortment of lofty goals make me an esteemed candidate for this educational journey.
First of all, I am an accounting major and it has been my lifetime desire to pursue a career as a certified public accountant. As a CPA, I would have the skill to help customers accomplish their surplus of economic objectives and this would in turn improve both their output and their self-sufficiency. Through my experience, I have learned that it is vital to have a skilled CPA manage one’s financial questions, and I believe was born for this job for the reason that I display the particular qualities that are required in being an excellence scholar. All my life, I devoted myself to becoming an enthusiastic and hard-working worker, and I am assured in my skill to prove myself a brilliant student in Milgard School business education program in Tacoma.
Furthermore, I am interested in starting my own line of business. My father is a well-known entrepreneur, and I aim to be like father like son and follow in his footsteps. Even as a youngster, I have observed him work to construct his business from scratch, and this encounter has encouraged me in the direction of the path of private enterprise, also. Since UW Tacoma is believed as having an outstanding business program, I believe that my studies here would be of great advantage for my special voyage in life.
For the most part, I am a person with good attributes and steadfast purposes. I show a clear idea and a rock-solid goal. Math has always been my specialty and my achievement in the subject will help me bring my strengths the program, also. I am sure that my talent to add to the scholastic experience of other students at University of Washington Tacoma exist in in the actuality that I am a goal-driven person who likes to share his accomplishment with other peers. I look forward to improving my life with the big-name educational programs presented at your college, and I feel self-assured that my understandings will be of worth to the educational public.
As a student at UW Tacoma, I plan to apply my interest in both mathematics and entrepreneurship to my area of study. My present A level lessons have further occupied my mind into the features of financially managing a condition, by either using tactical or mathematical approaches to overpower many difficulties. In spite of it sounding over- embellished, I love my subject arrangements. Growing up, I saw my father run his own business, so I am completely aware of the consistent dedication that is needed for a successful product. I believe that my early guidance under his wings is a huge part of why I am so passionate about operating my own business. I also think that because I was raised up in a life full of at such a young age, gave me a sixth sense when it comes of knowing what is required to be both a devoted student and a faithful worker.
At University of Washington Tacoma, I will have the chance to employ my distinctive skills and my truthful benefits. I will be a benefit to my colleagues and they will grow to respect me as not only a student, but also as an individual. I think that my experiences and my interests are both relevant in my pursuit of attending the upper-division studies pro...
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