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Statement of Purpose (Personal Statement Sample)


writing a Statement of purpose to be allowed to join a course

Statement of Purpose
Ever since I started computer science lessons, I have been fascinated with programming. I’ve also found practical opportunities to develop my programming skills while working in general bioinformatics analysis in Dr. Xiang-Dong Fu's lab for one year. The more I've learned in programming the more I felt unsatisfied by just doing simple and repetitive analyzes for NGS (next-generation sequencing) data using well-established bioinformatics tools. I endeavor to pursue this career as it entails creating solutions where there are problems. There is a sheer joy when creating something that didn't exist to offer a solution to everyday problems. As an individual, I take pleasure when developing a solution to the problems that people face. I believe programming is a meaningful career as it offers society with things that are meaningful. It is satisfying to see what you coded deployed and used in a live system by people; more so, if it improved lives.
At the moment, I feel that master opportunity for the program is essential because my interest in studying the course made me to introduction courses such as Java (II), Object-Oriented Design and Basic Data Structures, Advanced Data Structures, Systems Programming and Computer Organization. Moreover, working with Dr. Xiang-Dong Fu’s Lab expanded my experience and understanding of programming. For instance, I was able to comprehend the essence and applications of bioinformatics tools. Notably, programming entails dependencies, complex structures, and dynamisms in the interaction of parts when the program executes. The expressiveness of the code sounds counter-intuitive owing to the strict language and few construct in programming. I believe that I have the basic skills and knowledge in pursuing the course, coupled with a personal interest, I will help in advancing research in the medical field and general science.
As a professional with immense experience in research in molecular cancer biology, I have engaged in publishing influential articles on medical research ad cancer. However, I have always been limited with biomedical research, which I believe knowledge in computer science will be critical. Advancing my experience and knowledge in the simulation of a biological network that use computational models will further my ability to influence medical research. I believe that using the knowledge I gained while working at Dr. Xiang-Dong Fu's Lab will enable me to apply tools that predicts gene expression. This will be a critical breakthrough that will help me in discovering biomarkers that...
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