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Why Structure Engineering? (Personal Statement Sample)


the paper was on personal statement for a student who was aspiring to study civil engineering in manchester university

Why Structure Engineering?
I have always been fascinated by civil engineering and structure engineering is its branch. Structure engineering requires vast knowledge in mathematics and physics. These two subjects are my favorites. I believe structure engineering will give me an opportunity to work in an exciting and diverse environment. Manchester å’Œuclçš„ structure engineering as field of study will allow me to get to a profession that would enable me to change the nature of the world and cause positive changes to lives of several people. Structure engineering as a career is highly rewarding despite also being demanding and challenging. Structure engineering projects are very complex and need a lot of supervision from conception stage to completion and this will give me a challenging working environment.
I encountered civil engineering for the first time when I watched Japanese reconstructing their 30km tarmac road that was destroyed by earthquake via YouTube videos. I was fascinated by how those brilliant structure engineers reconstructed that road within eleven days. I watched the process of construction and decided that I was going to become a structure engineer in my life. I believe structure engineering is a way of providing solutions to challenging situations that befall people around the world.
There are several challenges that present themselves to people in day-to-day activities. Some of these challenges include need to give transport across water bodies, to give paths across mountains and hills, to live in comfortable and secure houses and to give paths across valleys. These problems can be only solved through structure engineering. I want to study Manchester å’Œuclçš„ structure engineering to give solutions to all these challenges. Prominent structure engineers that I have read about across the world have done their best to solve these challenges and I believe it is my turn to make my contributions.
I am a third year civil engineering student and Manchester university. I attained Upper second class honors degree in my undergraduate level. I have also done several vocational and volunteering services for my university and my community. I was rewarded with 3rd prize in china competition which I played drums. I acted as one of the directors for the drama organization in Manchester. I was able to put tow dramas on stage during my short stint in that position. From my participation in voluntary services, I was able to develop presentation, team-working and time-management skills, elements that are very important in structure engineering. From my course work, I was able to solve my mathematics and physics problems which helped me to adapt to situations that are challenging and to develop problem-solving skills, important factors in Manchester å’Œuclçš„ structure engineering.
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