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Short Personal Essay (Personal Statement Sample)


I was required to write a personal statement giving reasons why I would like to join Santa Monica College.

Course Title
Short Personal Essay
Sharing with my friend in the neighborhood, I had an incredible experience that kindled my passion for the Business world. In the process of our exchange, I discovered that Santa Monica College is the exemplary epitome for success. In the recent times, the business world continues to evolve in a manner that creates more opportunities for some people and complex challenges for others. I hope to join the ever-growing business world at such an exciting time of evolution and utilize the knowledge to sail through the changes.
Having graduated from Tianjin Middle high school at 19 years old, I anticipate obtaining unsurpassed experiences and skills from the Santa Monica College that will be essential to propel both my immediate and long-term goals. More specifically, I would like to lead a team of young resourceful businesspersons as my short-term Goal. Pertinently, my country, China requires competent professionals to provide the much-needed advice for the growth of the economy. Having acquired the necessary knowledge and practical skills from the fascinating field trip as part of the curriculum, I anticipate being in an excellent position to establish my electronic company. In addition, as part of the long-term plan, I anticipate extending the company’s reach into different Chinese cities and beyond the national borders, becoming a global business manager. Moreover, I aspire to develop a diverse and experiential learning experience by learning from business insights and interacting with diverse students. While in the Santa Monica College, I look forward to expanding my knowle...
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