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Personal Statement Aimed Securing a Slot to Pursue Masters Degree in USA (Personal Statement Sample)


personal statement aimed securing a slot to pursue masters degree in USA.

Personal statement
My name is Maha from Saudi Arabia and I intend to enroll for a master program in biology which is currently offered at the universities of United States of America. Currently, I am a holder of a bachelor’s degree in biology. Alongside this, I took some extra courses like cell biology after my graduation.In my childhood, I deeply looked at boththe living and non-living things such as trees, flowers, animals especially the details of human body. I had the curiosity of seeking answers to the inevitable question of how human beings live. I would like to come to United State of America to study my master's degree in biology, and study with different students from diverse cultural backgrounds so as to learn from their cultures, take advantage of their advantage things and emulate their great ingenuity so as to inherit and adopttheir new ways of doing things and produce quality result-oriented output in my backyard.
Having satisfactorily completed my bachelor’s degree in biology, I believe I have a wide range of knowledge and experience in this field, which is vital for advanced studies and research in biology. I have always found this field to be extremely interesting since it tends to to embrace the future by offering practical solutions to the current health world.
The opportunity to study my master program in biologyin America will considerably spur my ability to achieve my career goals and enhance my skills and knowledge thereof and enable me to achieve my lifelong ambition. In fact, I have always worked to be among the best universally recognized biological scientistin the country and globally. I am certain that my dream will be realized if I devote my adequate time and effort towards my set objective i.e., research in biological sciences and other important areas in biology such as cell biology. I intend to do exactly what it takes to achieve my career goals, because I believe that everything is possible since the sky is the limit. I generally possess a sizable number of attractive qualifications, attributes and experiences that I believe will make me a perfect fit for the aforesaid master program. Besides, I have received considerable training in a wide range of biological fields, ecology, plant science, animal behavior, evolution and biodiversity which I believe occupies a crucial basis for undertaking research in biological sciences.
The rationale for intending to continue with my studies in biologyin the institution applied for ispartly due my ability to speak and write in English, which is one of the primary requirements of the master program in the University. Apart from my academic qualifications, I am very studious, self-motivated and diligent student. These qualities have often energized my spirit of zeal, determination and commitment to further my studies, given that I am also an honest, trustworthy and God fearing student, I am certain that I will be able to abide by the rules, regulations and requirements for the master program, which exten...
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