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Precison Machine Outline/Annotated Biblography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)

Outline/Annotated Bibliography and report for: Recommend a cash management strategy for the company that will minimize the financing cost and increase the cash flows for the company. source..
Precision Machine Annotated Bibliography NameInstitution: Precision Machine Annotated Bibliography Compare business products. Four effective cash management strategies by compare business products updated: may 14, 2009 This article gives some steps that companies can take to come with the best cash management strategies that will save them from a financial deficit in future. After reviewing the case study of precision machines, it is evident that this firm is having financial problems as they make many sales on credit. Though this is a strategy for retaining customers and ensuring there is a good relationship based on trust, the company has many arrears especially from their suppliers as they also purchase their products on credit. From this, it is evident that Precision Machine has a problem with cash management, and it is recommended that they follow the strategies discussed in this article. The article suggests three easy steps for ensuring that there is enough cash flow in any business that is going through an experience like precision machines. The first, they should make sure that they change their strategy of retaining customers by selling their products on credit and ensure that they pay in cash. This can be done by giving discounts on any cash payments made and increasing the interests for those who buy on credit. This will help them in taking in as much cash as possible and within a short time span. The other step this firm should take is ensuring that they pay their bills on time to reduce instances of fines for delayed payment ...
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