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Factors That Influence Residents' Intention to Share a Place Brand Message Online (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


This document is a research article published in the Journal of Advertising that investigates the factors that influence residents' intention to share a place brand message online. The study focuses on the influence of place attachment, congruity, and self-expressiveness on residents' online place brand sharing. The research uses current and former Swedish individuals to build and evaluate a model, and the results show that place attachment and place ad-brand consistency are the primary antecedents of residents' online place brand sharing. The study suggests that locals can be brand evangelists and co-creators of brand messaging, and there needs to be more research on location marketing's influence on locals.


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Cheng, A. S., L.E. Kruger, and S.E. Daniels. 2003. Place as an Integrating Concept in Natural Resource Politics: Propositions for a Social Science Research Agenda. Society & Natural Resources 16:87-104.
Within the context of the politics of natural resources, this research suggests six concepts about the connection between strategic behavior and people-place linkages .Each of these hypotheses focuses on a different aspect of this connection. The first two theories indicate that an individual's sense of self, feeling of place, and enjoyment of the natural environment are all inextricably tied to one another. Specifically, the third, fourth, and fifth theses highlight the impact of social group identification on strategic conduct in natural resource politics by tying together social group identity and geography. This was done to highlight social group identification's impact on strategic conduct in natural resource politics. When deciding what to do with natural resources, the sixth thesis emphasizes how important it is to consider the scale of the surrounding environment. When seen on their whole,

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