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Annotated Bibliography on Organizational Culture (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


annotated bibliography on organizational culture


Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography
Cameron, K. S., & Quinn, R. E. (2011). Diagnosing and changing organizational culture: Based
on the competing values framework. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
Cameron tries to change people beliefs that much of the sustained profitability seen in companies today is as a result high barriers of entry, high costs inhibiting other firms from entering the market, and lack of duplication of their products. However, other desirable features enhance financial success.This features are highly depicted in the article.
Cummings, T. G., & Worley, C. G. (2009). Organization development & change. (9th ed).
Sydney, Australia: South-Western/Cengage Learning.
In this source, Cummings tries to addresses change and how it affects organizations and individuals within those organizations. Effective organizational development helps people accept change much easily. However, that is only possible with good management.
Czerny, A. I. (2008). Airport slots: International experiences and options for reform. Aldershot,
Hants, England: Ashgate.
In this source, international airline productivity has not been measured or analyzed. This is the reason for the increasing trend of airline mergers, in the 21st century. Most of the airlines have been underperforming, in recent years, due a number of issues. It is evident that the increase in fuel and labor costs has not made things easy for the airlines.
Hill, C. W. L., & Jones, G. R. (2010). Strategic management theory: An integrated approach.
Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin.
In this source dell inc was doing exceedingly well in the early1990. In the early 1990- 2007 Dell computers average return was about 48.3% far more profitable than that of its competitors. However, due to poor management, the performance of Dell computers has dropped tremendously resulting to slow growth of its share. This article seeks answers as to what happened; hence, the sudden downfall of Dell.
Hill, C. W. L., & Jones, G. R. (2010). Strategic management theory: An integrated approach.
Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin.
This book is about leadership, organizational values and virtues, work team, emotion at work, health fitness and wellness at work and organizational knowledge and learning. All this values work together to make a firm successful.
Johnson, J. (2014). United Airlines poised for 685 flight attendant furloughs. Bloomberg News.
Retrieved from
In this source, United Airways has increased its capacity by hiring more flight attendants. This is due to the increase in the number of flights that has risen due to the merger between United Airways and Continental Airways. In addition, the newly founded airline pilot association, which has been fighting for the rights of flight attendants staff for the past few years, has increased the allowances given to airport staff.
Montana, P. J., & Charnov, B. H. (2008). Management. Hauppauge, NY: Barron's Educational
The book talks about leadership in management, as well as how it influences the success or failure of any business. Poor leadership is detrimental while as good leadership determines the success of any business. In addition, Montana defines the job of a leader as one who defines the vision for the organization. This book gives good examples of good management strategies.
Taylor, B., & Dow, W. (2013). Project management communications bible. Hoboken, N.J:
The book is about using communication tools to monitor the executive and control the project. In addition, it is about communication tools used in administrating the planning process. The book explores alternatives ways of communication used in the business world today.
Tompkins, G. N. (2010). Liability rules applicable to international air transportation as
developed by the courts in the United States: From Warsaw 1929 to Montreal 1999. Austin, TX: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business.
In this source, liability rules are depicted well in relation to what triggers liability under the applicable instrument. Secondly, who can make a claim against any air carrier? Thirdly, who can file legal action in case of damage, as well as what the laws says in the event of recoverable damages. Lastly, the law defines terms such as carriers, accidents, bodily injury, and operations of embarking, or disembarking amongst other rules.
US Government Accountability Office. (2013). Issues raised by the proposed merger of
American Airlines and US Airways. Retrieved from
In this source, the merger between US Airways and American Airways is highlighted. American Airways stood out to be the greatest beneficially of the two mergers. This is because the airline, which was on the verge of being declared bankrupt, was able to pay off all of its debts after the merger. However, the merger was more of an acquisition rather than a merger as US airways managed to retain only 28% of the total shares while as American Airways got the rest 72%.
Witcher, B. J., & Vinh S. C. (2010). Strategic management: principles and practice. Manson,
OH: South-Western: Cengage Learning.
In this source, the book is about rationale, design and delivery of good strategic management. The focus is mostly on the establishment of general market research. In addition , the book explore other options possible for the establishment of good market.
Yano, C. R. (2011). Airborne dreams: "Nisei" stewardesses and Pan American World Airways.
Durham: NC: Duke University P...
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