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Annotations Final Work (Annotated Bibliography Sample)



BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 washington.(2012). University of. Enterprise Architecture Guiding Principles. Retrieved from /uwit/im/dmc/docs/DMCMinutes_9_13_2012_EAguideprinciples.pdf.
`This chapter is from the University of Washington, information technology department. This chapter provided details related to the guiding principles that the university wants to achieve who it should be processed and designed. The article describes the general traits and qualities which are important for the outcome. It tells us about the standards and strategies to apply and how it can be done in a better way. It is thus useful to the companies and organizations to follow these guideline principles and become one of the most successful companies ever.
BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 Linderman.(2007). Matt. 5 business lessons from Costco. Retrieved from
This article is written by Matt Lindermann former employee #1 at 37signals and co-author of the books Rework and Getting Real. The article provides details about the business lessons from Costco the anti-Wal-Mart company. There are five lessons revealed in the article the one is Take care of the employees. The second one is keep prices as much as low so that it can attract the customers. The third lesson is pay attention to the customer not the competition means customer should be the first and foremost priority. The forth lesson is focus should be on the core options and the last but not the least should be always use surprise element to create an excitement.
BJ’S WHOLESALE CLUB.(2011). INC. UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION. Retrieved from /Archives/edgar/data/1037461/000119312511079572/d10k.htm>.
This report is developed and written by the CEO of BJ’s wholesale club. The report entitles and describes the financial position of the BJ’s wholesale Club. This Wholesale Company was first introduced in England (UK) in 1984 then with the success of the company the owner and the management decided it to take away to the eastern parts of USA. The report altogether discussed about the overall performance of the company in the fiscal year and it clearly mentioned the financial position according to the quarters. BJ’s wholesale has grown with leaps and bounds and its financial condition looks very much up to the mark.
BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 generatorgroup, admin. "Culture, What Companies Can Learn From Costco’s Organizational." 2013. . Retrieved from generatorgroup: /uncategorized/what-companies-can-learn-from-costcos-organizational-culture/.
This article is written by the admin of the website "generator group”. The article duly explains and gives an opportunity to learn about the Costco organizational culture and their practices as a successful enterprise. As we know that the Costco is the anti-Wal-Mart company and the Company has certainly showed that it can grow further in the upcoming years. The story of success has been shared by the admin that if these policies and measures can be applied to any company the desired output can certainly be increase.
BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 streetinsider. BJ Income Statement. 2011. . Retrieved from /stock_lookup.php?q=BJ&financials=income.
This shows the financial income statement of the BJ’s Wholesale company from April 2011 to June 2011, which reflects about the company performance and financial status of assets and liabilities in the second quarter. The revenues of the BJ’s wholesale is on the higher side going more than 3 Billion but the loss from discontinued operations increased which is a major concern for the BJ’s.The Basic earnings per share also reflected the 0.01 loss on the negative side. In the second quarter their performance is good but we can expect that it can be improved in the third quarter.
BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 BJS. (n.d.). vendor code of conduct. Retrieved from bjs: /vendor-code-of-conduct.content.about_conduct.A.about
This article is extracted from the article provides the details about the code of conduct of the vendor and there company policy. The BJS wholesale defines and declares strict policies for the vendors and it has been mentioned in the vendor code of conduct. The company has to abide and to follow the rules and regulations to maintain the service quality and customer’s retention. In this regard the BJS has made some interesting policies which must be practiced by other companies as well. They have made return and change policy easy for the customers so that the customer interest never drop down and they maintain their potential customers in this origin.
American Psychological Association. (2009). Publication manual of the American psychological association. American Psychological Association (APA).
The book is written and published by American Psychological Association in 2009. The reviewer of the books is Nicholas Greco IV, MS, BCETS, CATSM (Columbia College of Missouri). The Book unleashes the important segments of new practices and standards of publishing. It also provides the detail about the APA style of formatting. It also has described the rules, pattern and guidelines follow while writing which has been adapted by many writers in the world. The audience covered in this book is the specific writers, students of behavioural and social field which covers the Physiological area more with command.
Winter, R., & Schelp, J. (2008, March). Enterprise architecture governance: the need for a business-to-IT approach. In Proceedings of the 2008 ACM symposium on Applied computing (pp. 548-552). ACM.
The article was written by Tyson Brooks in the Magazine and it was published in 2009.He is a social media expert, Web entrepreneur, SEO expert and Web Developer. The article provides details related to enterprise architecture modeling tools. It specifies the purpose of using enterprise architecture tools and the classes of tools available. The article is extremely useful to companies that are trying to evaluate an EA tool since it provides a table that contains selection criteria. Also it provides a snapshot of the tools available and what EA frameworks they support.
Council, C. I. O. (2001). {A Practical Guide to Federal Enterprise Architecture}.
This document was produced by the Federal Architecture Working Group in 2001 under the direction of EIEITC of the federal chief information of chief council. The document provides about the purpose that it includes about the guide and principle that how to use and initiate EA program with the necessary roles describe in it. It also tells us about the scope of the program about the usefulness and enterprise life cycle which is described in the document. It also consists of examples of EA essential and supporting products so that the readers can understand it properly.
Marks, E. A., & Bell, M. (2008). Service Oriented Architecture (SOA): a planning and implementation guide for business and technology. John Wiley & Sons.
This document which is known as A practical guide to federal service oriented architecture was produced by the CIO Council in 2008 June In collaboration with American Council for technology and American Industry Advisory Council. This document has shared the details of how to implement the strategies, this is basically for the chief architects and chief information officers and program executives. The main purpose of this document is to help and understand the service oriented architecture that is SOA in the three important parts. The one is enterprise. Second is architecture and third is infrastructure.
BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 whitehouse. (2012). Transforming Data Collection with Enterprise Architecture . Retrieved from : /sites/default/files/omb/assets/fea_docs/FFIECCaseStudy.pdf
This information is extracted from the transforming data collection with enterprise architect case study which was conducted by the federal regulators to improve the financial system. The case study resulted in that the data quality reduced the work, it increased the staff productivity and it also improved security with secure transmission. The case study came to the point that the banking problems can be understand and identified faster and can be neutralize in a great way to increase the performance.
Handler, R. A., & Wilson, C. (2011). Magic quadrant for enterprise architecture tools. Gartner RAS Core Research Note G, 172491, 12.
This report is presented and written by R.Scott Britler and was published in 31 Oct 2012.This report describes about the EA tools and how to use them in an effective way. The report tells us about the market strategy and the Enterprise Architect tool function in various ways and methods. This is for the vendors it is profitability area and in this small niche they can certainly benefit from it. The report suggests and present the idea of the business planning tools with other modified and new introduced tools with their strengths and cautions mentioned.
BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 Health, N. I. (n.d.). Enterprise Architecture. Retrieved from Business Architecture:
This information is extracted from the website of National Institute of Health Enterprise Architecture. The information provided in this content is about the role of business architect in the enterprise architect. The role of the business architect is to improve the co-ordination of IT development so that the overall objectives of the enterprise can be well served. The business architect works with the enterprise model and it work with the enterprise most assets. It also serves in the need of IT Solutions when enterprise need it works as an interface between them. Thus the role of Business Architect can’t be deni...
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