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How are Safe Injection Facilities Impacted the Crime Rate (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


The working bibliography, also called an annotated bibliography, is an opportunity for you to summarize five of the articles you have been reading and write about what you plan to do with them.
Write your Research Question at the top of your Working Bibliography.
Research Question: How are safe injection facilities impacted the crime rate.
For each source, you must:
Give a full, accurate APA style reference
Provide a brief summary of the source. Keep the summary to half a page or less. If you are only using part of the paper, you can summarize just that part.
Write a short paragraph discussing specifically how you plan to use it in your paper (Here you can use your own voice; i.e., it’s OK to sound conversational and use “I” in this part.)
You can talk about how it relates to other article that you have, and/or about how it answers part of your research question.
You can discuss how it may suggest something that is missing from your research so far that you will need to look for.
You can talk about something new that you learned from the article or that you thought you would learn but didn't.
You can also talk about whether it would best support your argument or counter-argument, if it's a solution or part of a problem, and how it fits into your paper at this point in the process.
You MUST include something about how this addresses an issue to do with your topic.
Five sources, two of which must be scholarly (these must be new, not recycled from previous assignments)
Typed, double-spaced, one-inch margins
12-point Times New Roman font
You must upload your Working Bibliography as a .docx file.
Upload the original articles as .pdf files.


How are safe injection facilities impacted the crime rate
Levengood, T. W., Yoon, G. H., Davoust, M. J., Ogden, S. N., Marshall, B. D., Cahill, S. R., & Bazzi, A. R. (2021). Supervised Injection Facilities as Harm Reduction: A Systematic Review. American Journal of Preventive Medicine.
Levengood et al. (2019), conducted a study on the harm reduction facilitated by supervised injection facilities that allows individuals to injecting drugs that were gotten from substances under health professional’s supervision through exploring 22 studies. The authors studied how supervised injection facilities were significant in reducing mortality rate and not increasing crime or public nuisance to the surrounding neighborhoods. They concluded that crime was found to reduce significantly on the two performed studies. This was explained through the reduction of incarceration among the studied population that had high rate of crime. Therefore, the decrease in crime was identified on the vicinity surrounding the safe injection facilities.
Since my research paper aims to analyze the impact that safe injection facilities have had on crime, I will utilize the following research to show how this option will be favorable around the country to reducing crime related to drugs use.
Watson, T. M., Bayoumi, A., Kolla, G., Penn, R., Fischer, B., Luce, J., & Strike, C. (2012). Police perceptions of supervised consumption sites (SCSs): a qualitative study. Substance Use & Misuse, 47(4), 364-374.
Watson et al. (2019), conducted a qualitative study relating to the supervised consumption site using the data collected between 2008 and 2010 through focus groups and interviews conducted with police officers of varied ranks (n=18) in Canada. The study involved use of 26 informant interviews and 28 focus group discussions on the view of police officers on how safe injection facilities have impacted crime. The authors concluded on the need to have anti-drug perspective that will allow to reduce the harms associated with illicit drug use. This was believed to have an impact on reducing the underlying crime associated with the use and abuse of illegal substances. The limitation of the research as highlighted y the police officers relates to the reluctance of the criminal justice system to effectively dealing with individuals that use illicit drugs.
As the study show, use of illicit drugs has a negative effect on the ability of police officers to dealing with crime and this will be used as an argument to highlighting the need for implementing safety injecting facilities in the highly affected communities.
Parham, K. (2018). Exploring Stakeholder Perceptions of Safe Injection Facilities as a Harm Reduction Method to Combating the Opioid Crisis in North Carolina.
Parham (2018) investigated the stakeholder perceptions of safe injection facilities as a harm reduction approach aimed to combat the opioid crisis in North Carolina through conducting in-depth interviews with medical providers, public health officials and law enforcement officers. The conducted interviews aimed to determine the concerns of stakeholders on the use of safe injection facilities as means for harm reduction among drug users. The study concluded that safe injection facilities had a proven likelihood of acting as a reduction method crime related to opioids use. The challenges identified by the stakeholders related to the funding of safety injection facilities might fail to be implemented in North Carolina.
I will utilize the following research to strengthen my argument on the significance of using safety injection facilities as a means of addressing the issue of opioid and other drugs especially in the most affected states.
Huey, L. (2019). What is Known About the Impacts of Supervised Injection Sites on Community Safety and Wellbeing? A Systematic Review. Sociology Publications. 48.
Huey (2019), conducted a systematic literature review of previously conducted studies on the impact that safety injection facilities have on drug-related crime. The following study conducted synthesis of 13 different studies that highlighted different themes relating to the issue of implementing safety injection sites. There were various conclusive previous studies that identified safety

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