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Annotated Bibliography: Computer Crimes and Security (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


I Had to choose 6 articles on the topic of cyber-security published within the last 15 years and write their annotated bibliographies.


Annotated Bibliography: Computer Crimes and Security
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Annotated Bibliography: Computer Crimes and Security
Chesla, A. (2004). Information security: A defensive battle. Information Systems Security, 12(6), 24-32.
Chesla’s article relates network security to the real-life combat zone with both defense strategies and soldiers. The piece applies military analogies to describe various levels of network security, leadership, communication, and safety approaches. Obviously, the analogy of the army defensive strategies with network security is fully justified as it offers the audience a framework for easily comprehending the main ideas of the article. Therefore, the piece is not only useful for the research due to the valuable information that it offers, but also seems to provide a relatively modernized facts to inform the reader of the relevant concepts of the field.
Easttom, C. (2016). Computer security fundamentals (3rd ed.). S.l.: Pearson Certification.
The volume gives a detailed overview of diverse themes concerning computer security. The book commences with issues about cyber security and misconduct, which relate security assets, legal subjects, terminologies, and types of extortions. The piece considers the topics of security software and hardware, information warfare, and cyber terrorism among others. Unlike other similar resources, the book compiles the latest changes that has occurred in the information field, thereby offering a comprehensive account of the different issues about computer security. Overal, Easttom’s book Computer Security Fundamentals is a fertile source as it covers valuable ideas regarding training opportunities, security assets, as well as sample security leaflets amongst other vital concerns linking to computer security relevant in my research.
Nestler, V., Conklin, A., Harrison, K., & Hirsch, M. (2014). Principles of computer security lab manual (4th ed.). Osborne: McGraw-Hill.
Nestler, Conklin, Harrison, and Hirsch’s book Principles of Computer Security Lab Manual is a practical guide to computer security. The book focuses majorly on networks and, thus, covers both Windows and Linux. Nestler, Conklin, Harrison, and Hirsch (2014) begin with a unit on the actual operation of networks followed by the sections about threats to networks, their recognition, and the corresponding response. Therefore, the majority of the piece is comprised of the labs, which make the audience necessarily relate the topic to a physical network relevant in my research.
Peltier, T. R. (2014). Information security fundamentals. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.
The book Information Security Fundamentals starts with an outline of information security concept and proceeds into types of security threats, risk management and analysis, confidentiality, various categories of information classification, and the construction of information security suite. Interestingly, the author supports his arguments with visuals and a relevant glossary. Overall, the source provides a valuable material concerning the topic of computer crimes and can provide the definitions of the basic concepts with which my research will operate.
Rebbapragada, N. (2006). All-in-one security. PC Worl...
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