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Innovation: Electronic Human Resource Management (E-HRM) (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


An annotated bibliography has been prepared on the topic of innovation.


Annotated Bibliography on Innovation
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Innovation in HRM
M. Voermans M. van Veldhoven. (2007). Attitude towards E-HRM: an empirical study at Philips. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. 36 (6). pp. 887-902. DOI 10.1108/0048348071082241
The paper discusses the attitudes of employees towards the innovative e-HRM. The primary purpose of the research undertaken in this paper is the presentation of general attitudes towards the introduction of the electronic human resource management (E-HRM). The authors here discuss the possibilities that present day organizations seek in order to run the operations of HRM in a more efficient manner within the company. Electronic HR systems have been swiftly developed by the blend of the requirements to work in a more efficient manner on one hand and the possibilities of present communication technology and information on the other. The article has been authored by M. Voermans (MSC) who has studies Human Resource Management at Tilburg University and works at Philips International for its Corporate HR department. He is currently working on the execution of SAP HR System. This paper has been co-authored by M. van Veldhoven (PhD) who works as an organizational psychologist and is an Associate Professor at Tilburg University in the department of HR studies.
The study makes use of a research model which include Ulrich's model on the roles of HR and Davis' model of technology acceptance. The approach to research applied in this study is quantitative and online questionnaires are utilized. 257 employees in the Philips Netherland and 99 managers from the same company participated and gave answers to the questions on the basis of their recent experiences in terms of IT systems and E-HRM. The study has many limitations in it. The data collected through questionnaires was online and this might have resulted into some selective non-response for the reason that respondents with less proficiency over IT or having negative attitude towards the Information Technology may not have responded to the questionnaire. Next, there are chances that the comparative overrepresentation of staff employees and management of the company might have a biasing impact. Moreover, since the study is of cross-sectional nature, any conclusions may not be drawn as to time of change or precedence from the results. Finally, the result of the study cannot be generalized to the bigger central branches of other European organizations. This study is of benefit to the students, studying innovation and HRM courses, and to academicians, and future researchers.
Burcu Kör, Ceyda Maden. (2013). The Relationship between Knowledge Management and Innovation in Turkish Service and High-Tech Firms. International Journal of Business and Social Science. 4 (4). pp. 293-304
Innovativeness, knowledge management, and innovation play a vital role in the development and survival of a business organization. It is essential to conduct empirical analysis of these concepts for the reason that they are important in order to create competitive advantage for any organization in the corporate world. Organizations are required to modify, generate and maintain its knowledge base do that it can successfully manage its innovation capability. This research study observes the connection between effective innovation types and processes of knowledge management within the organizations along with highlighting the arbitrating impact of innovativeness on the connection between types of innovation and processes of knowledge management.
This study has been authored by Burcu Kör who works at Bogazici University, Istanbul for the Management Information Systems, while its co-author Ceyda Maden also works at the Department of International Trade at the Istanbul Kemerburgaz University, Istanbul. The study makes use of survey data collection procedure and for that purpose 103 participants have been chosen from organizations in Turkey. The findings of the research suggest that the knowledge management processes positively relate to the innovativeness, and this ultimately boosts innovations within the business organizations.
This study has limitations and biases too. First, the organizational innovativeness and knowledge management process, along with the types of innovation have been measured through the responses of individuals and this is likely to lessen the research objectivity within the study. Secondly, the administration of this study has been undertaken in the Turkish context. Therefore, it has become essential that the suggested relationships must be observed within the context of various cultures in order to enhance the generalizability of the outcomes. This study is useful for its audience hay may include researchers, students, management experts and academicians.
Fang Lee Cooke. (2013). Human Resource Development and Innovation in China. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. 4 (2). pp. 144-150.
The paper is authored by Fang Lee Cooke, who works at Department of Management, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. The author discusses the human resource development policies by the states and the organizational practices with reference to it. The primary aim of this paper is to examine and evaluate the connection between the human resource development (HRD), national and organizational competitiveness, and the identification of the research opportunities for the Chinese HUM scholars. In order to perform an in-depth research on the subject, this study adopts the literature and document...
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