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Annotated Bibliography
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Annotated Bibliography on Organized Crime & Gangs (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Topic:Annotated Bibliography on Organized Crime & Gangs In this paper i was required to write an annotated bibliography of nine sources that reflects on the subject matter.


Annotated Bibliography on Organized Crime & Gangs
Annotated Bibliography on Organized Crime & Gangs
Robert J. Bunker, 2013. Introduction: the Mexican cartels—organized crime Vs. criminal insurgency . Trends Organ Crim (2013) 16: pp. 129–137.
The study examines the insurgence of organized criminal gangs in Mexico, which has escalated to high level since its onset in the late 1980s. It stresses on the issue that criminal gangs have developed from formally drug trafficking cartels and now posing some serious security threats to the country. The study appears to be very relevant for the academic researches on the issue of crime in the region and useful for security intelligence agents who seek to study and understand the criminal situation in the country. The author has critically explained how the gangs in the Mexico have aligned themselves with certain duties of ether organized criminals or criminal insurgence and further differentiated the two entities on their levels of intensities. The study forms a strong base for my research because of its relevant subject matter.
This study has presented a unique history of how organized crimes have developed, based on modernist and post-modernist views and this emerges useful for the understanding of the transformation. In the compilation of the report, the author has incorporated a peer review of six articles from several high profiled authors ranging from academic, military, policy, and security consulting who are familiar with investigative reporting backgrounds. The author himself has done researches and written several articles related to the same subject matter hence strengthening his credibility. The report is therefore sufficient for the understanding of how organized criminal gangs have sprung from drug organizations and now focused on more terrorizing criminal groups that have become a nightmare for the government security agents.
Hobbs .D. and Antonopoulos .A. G. 2013. ‘Endemic to the species’: Ordering the ‘other’ via organized crime. Global crime, 14:1, pp. 27-51
According to the report, the America is responsible for the establishment of the concept, ‘organized crime’, which the government invented for the sole purpose of combating drug cartels, who are more linked to it, all over the world. This work is suitable for researchers and teaching purposes on the subject matter pertaining to the insurgence of organized gangs all over the world. The report appears to be relevant for my research because of its clear account of how criminal gangs in major cities of the world have developed over years to the extent of organized gangs. The study have included the idea of two theories, ethnic succession and alien conspiracy in trying to represent the concept of organized crime and this creates a room for more debate necessary for the expansion of the research. The author of the report is a professor of sociology in several universities including University of Western Sydney and Essex University. The author believes that the growth of drug trafficking in the world is responsible for the rise of organized crime and though it is linked to the US government policy for extending their presents in the world, it is a serious thing, which should be addressed.
Nathan Jones, 2013. The unintended consequences of kingpin strategies: kidnap rates and the Arellano-Félix Organization. Trends Organ Crim (2013) 16: pp. 156–176
The report has focused on the strategies used by the US and Mexican governments in combating drug trafficking through targeting the top most leaders in the illicit trade. It goes further to address the unintended consequences that come about as a result of the war between governments and drug dealers, which include criminal insurgence such as kidnappings and homicides. The information provided by the study is of great help for security agencies in the understanding of various strategies and their societal consequences when dealing with organized crimes and specifically the kingpin strategies. The study provide various understanding on how organized criminals react back to law enforcers’ initiatives to fight them. It elaborates that drug gangs initiate criminal acts as dispute resolution mechanisms, and consequently terrorizing the whole society. The report brought to light, the idea of kidnappings, which are widely used by organized criminals as a retaliatory mechanism for those fighting them, and as a result committing more crimes. The author is a well-published researcher whose credibility has helped him, financed to undertake major researches for big organizations such as the Institute for Global Conflict and Cooperation. The research is very suitable for my research as it gives a clear conscious of how organized criminal gangs respond to programs meant to end their unscrupulous acts.
David Skarbek, 2008. Putting the ‘‘Con’’ into Constitutions: The Economics of Prison Gangs. The Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization, Vol. 26, No. 2. Pp. 453-467
The study examines how criminal gangs have constituted their own rules to govern their functions, relations and power structure both within and outside prisons. The author’s intention for the study is to helped students, law enforcers and researchers get a glimpse of how criminal gangs are well-organized institutions, with strong foundation and therefore should be given the attention they deserve. The research focused on one of the most established prison gang in the world, La Nuestra Familia, which is highly based in California. This helped in the credibility of the research as it involved first-hand informers, who were the prisoners themselves and some of the prison personnel, who helped in the developing of the study. The author established that for a criminal gang to be well organized and operative without more predation, it must have some guiding principles within which members operate. The report is suitable for my research because of its ability to explain the internal structure and organizational frameworks that governs organized criminal gangs.
Finklea .K. M, 2010. Organized Crime in the United States: Trends and Issues for Congress. Journal of Current Issues in Crime, Law and Law Enforcement, Vol. 2,Issue 1. Pp. 65-76
The author reports on how organized criminal activities pose a major security threat to US. According to the report, organized criminals are as dangerous as terrorists are and therefore should be given the serious attention it deserves as it adversely affects the economy of the country. The study may be useful for purposes of study and research for social-economical policy makers. For the purpose of my research, the report offer substantial information of how organized gangs are detrimental for general welfare of people and economy and therefore the ill-fated organization should be critically handled to prevent it from subverting people’s lives. One special feature of the study entails the inclusion of the rising internet crimes in the world and how they impact on social and economic welfare of people and countries at large. It farther highlights on the major organized criminal gangs in the world and the countries they are found. Though the author’s credibility has not been exposed, the report clearly stated that it involves an edited CRS report and therefore can be trusted for purposes of referencing.
Klein G.C, 2009. For The New Commander In Chief: A Violence Prevention Strategy. Journal of police crisis negotiations, 9: pp. 55-60.
The focus of the article has been to report on the prevalence of criminal activities in Chicago. The author of the report stresses on the need to strategies on combating organized criminal gangs because they cause many destructions of both property and lives of innocent citizens. The essence of the report is to inform security agents and law enforcers, on the operations and coordination of criminal gangs in the region, and how, to strategize on the ways, to end the escalating menace. The reports relevancy to my research is that it offers information on how in some regions, criminal gangs are dealt with and how problematic the situation can be for law enforcers and public at large. The report has also stated on the issue of how social services has played a role in eradicating criminal gangs besides police departments’ initiatives. It gives different approaches that have been used before in dealing with crime and it affirms on the effectiveness of some of the approaches. The author is a well-published professor of sociology and anthropology in the Oakton Community College, who believes that organized criminal gangs despite the strength of their organization, they can be dealt with, if at all proper m...
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