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using five sources, write an annotated bibliography on the SOCIAL PROBLEMS FACEd BY MARRIED FEMALE SAUDI STUDENTS source..
SOCIAL PROBLEMS FACE BY MARRIED FEMALE SAUDI STUDENTS By Course title: Tutor: Date of submission: Waite, L and Gallagher, M, 2002, The Case for Marriage: Why Married People are Happier, Healthier and Better off Financially, Crown Publishing Group. In this book, the authors endeavor to investigate the overall impact of marriage on couples. The core intent of this study was to identify the role of marriage in perpetuating depression or happiness in either of the two partners engaged in the marriage. With this primary aim in mind, the authors also analyses the effects of cohabiting and extended solitude as far as being unmarried is concerned. In the goal of meeting the demands of these research questions, it was necessary to conduct a research undertaking; the authors used a range of participants. The first group of participants was of married couples. The second group of participants was of cohabiting couples. The third group consisted of people who were neither married nor are have they cohabiting with the opposite sex. There has been a misconception of the true impact of marriage on both men and women. People tend to think that the union of marriage is the root cause of unhappiness of married people. The findings of this research undertaking show that this sentiment does not give a true representation of the impacts of marriage. Married people tend to be happier than unmarried ones. The source of unhappiness of married couples was found to stem from the hustles of taking care of a number of children. Another source of unhappiness is the reduced sense of security that is represented my marriages in the contemporary society. The finding of this research proves that being married is better off in the long run as compared to remaining single, choosing to cohabit and getting divorced. Egenti, MN and Omoruyi, FE 2011, Challenge of Women Participation in Continuing Higher Education Programme: Implications for Adult Women Counselling and Education. The core intent of this study was to analyze the various factors that inhibited the continuation of higher level education by women. This was with special focus to the University of Lagos. The aim of this study was motivated by the need to use the findings of this research to better the current counseling programme. There has been a global tendency of women discontinuing their pursuit of higher education. After entering the institutions of higher education, women experience various situations that culminate in the termination of their pursuit of higher knowledge. Given the need to ensure equitability, there is need to investigate these factors. The participants of the study were women who were sourced from three faculties. It is essential to point out that the data collection tool was focused on perception of women on the factors that inhibited their continuation of higher education. The research undertaking employed simple random sampling as the means of selecting the sampling units that were to be included in the study. There were a total of 150 women who were enrolled into the B.Ed part-time programmer. The study findings showed that time constraints, financial burdens, increasing marital demands, social pressure, inadequate learning environments and poor psychological dispositions were among the factors that sought to inhibit their quest for higher education. The researchers provided the conclusion that the current programme ought to be revised so that it treated women as adult learners. In addition, the programme ought to tutor women on balancing their time. Shafique, O, Anwar, F and Akbar, SU 2012, Problems Encountered by Women in Education Sector of Bahawalpur, Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, [e-journal] 4 (2). The core intent of this study was to analyze the predicaments being faced by women working in the education sector. The researchers have pointed out that the core motivation for undertaking this study was the realization that there was limited overall information about this issue. The researchers engaged in an empirical research design in order to answer the research questions. There has been a notion that women face some challenges in career progression. The researchers opted to use the education sector as a point of reference in investigating the inhibiting factors for career progression in Pakistan. It has to be noted that the researchers have enhanced the level of generalization of the findings of this study. The findings have been generalized for the Gulf States at least. The researchers have focused on career progression of women in the education sector with reference to both public and private sectors. The study used 200 participants. The data collection exercise was focused on analyzing the personal and job related factors. The participants were all women who were working in the education sector, either public or private. The findings are such that married women face more challenges than unmarried women. This is given their family responsibilities. Unmarried women also have their own set of challenges. These stem from the social setup and managing their transport. Additionally, managing a balance between their social and personal life is a challenge. As far as job related impediments are concerned, the number one challenge was found to be favoritism in the workplace. The study recommends that there be overall support for women working in the education sector. This is from the society, parents and the society. Thomas, J, Raynor, M and AL-marzooqi, A 2012, Marital Status and gender as predictors of undergraduate academic performance: A United Arab Emirates context, Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. The core intent of this study was to analyze the effect of marital status and gender as predictors of academic performance. The authors point that there has been considerable research carried out on this issue. These researches, however, have not been focused on the gulf region. The stimulus of this research undertaking was the goal of complementing the development of knowledge based economies by a significant number of nations in the gulf region. Findings from studies carried out in different regions of the world show that female students tend to perform better than their male counterparts. This finding has been sourced from student performance records of students from different degree programs. To complement this finding, students who are in marriage unions seem to perform better than their unmarried counterparts. The researchers employed a quantitative approach. The data collection process employed was to access the records of students from Zayed University. The records of 3672 students were used in the study. This was in line with the nature of approval from the Research Ethics Committee. Students who had been divorced were excluded from the study. The findings of the study are such that marital status seems to be a determining factor in the level of academic performance. Students who...
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